Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Old friends, new friends

Millie Grace and Gabriel hit it off right away!

My mom stopped by and took a few pics for us.

I had the privilege of a visit
with a
special {old} friend.

We met when I was in 11th grade, she was in 10th.
Now, we are both wives of godly men,
mothers to some pretty cool kids...

still friends!

I love this quote, by Tennessee Williams:
"Life is partly what we make it,
and partly
what it is made by the friends we choose."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Windowsill

its not that I haven't missed blogging.

I have!

it's not that I've been sitting at the computer.

I haven't!

Our internet only works consistently in this one windowsill, and once I sit down, I don't want to sit sideways in a chair with the computer propped up pointing outside.

I do have an iPhone now! (bragging, I know)
I love getting snippets of info, updating my facebook
checking my email...while feeding my crew or watching them
play outside.

I also have one EXTREMELY active 15month old who can be found
standing on top of the kitchen table
emptying the contents of purses, bags, drawers, backpacks, etc
on the top bunk
playing in the toiet
bringing me lone shoes, onions, iphones, remotes,
and much much more

But maybe I can get out of my slump
and get back on the blogging wagon.

I've missed you! But, now I'm going to get out of the windowsill
and sit on the couch
and watch the Olympics with my husband.