Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jody's flight

We were sad, taking Jody to the airport this afternoon. We were just about to the airport when we realized we didn't pack the phone cord and a couple of other things. None of them DIRE, but I decided to drop Jody off and run back home in time to get back to give Jody the stuff. (We don't live too far from the airport at all really).

So, I go speeding off, praying we'd make it back. Then Jody called me. I was about half way home and could only hear the phone, it had fallen. I was going a little crazy. Hattie said, I prayin' mama. Silas said, me too, mom. I pulled into the median, and found the phone.

Jody said, come back and get me. I was like, WHAT??? Are you kidding? He said, no, my flight is canceled, come back and get me. I'm taking the early flight tomorrow morning.

Apparently, Northwest is having some staff/crew problems. They are canceling a lot flights, and Jody's was one of them. Here is an article I found.

So, we got Jody for one more night and HOPEFULLY he will get on the 5am flight tomorrow morning and make to Warner Robins in time for Andy's rehearsal...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Late nights

We've been having some LATE nights. Ok, late for my family. I usually put the kids down between 7 and 8. Well, the kids have not gone to bed before 9 any night this week.

But we've been having a great time. The cookouts with the group from Missouri have been so fun. Girls to hold Luke, push Hattie on the swing until she is done swinging, Silas gets a snake painted on his face every night. So fun.

Jody head back to GA for a quick trip to his buddy's (Andy) wedding. We are going to miss him so much, but I"m so glad he's going to get to be there for the wedding.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Brace Yourselves Bismarck...

In just about an hour, we are expecting a youth group from Missouri. There are 24 of these guys on a mission trip. We are praying that God will use them as we reach out in different ways around Bismarck.

I have to admit, I am a little nervous. I don't know why. We hosted big mission team in Uganda. One HUGE group, over 24, camped out in our yard one time. But for some reason, I'm a little anxious about being a good hostess with this one. Maybe part of it is that I have 3 kids now and no paid help to help me with the cooking, cleaning and child-watching.

But its going to be great.

I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Prairie

I love the prairie. It's really gorgeous. With the bright green, tall grass as far as you can, the wind whips through it and it looks like green ocean waves. I was driving to my friend Lisa's house today. She lives 45 minutes west of Bismarck. The drive is just breath-taking. In the middle of the prairie, these little rock-mountains just appear. Plus the sky is just so BIG. The clouds today were like little cotton balls. Oh, I wish I would have had my camera so I could post the picture.

It all just reminded me of how creative God is. He came up with the prairies AND the oceans AND the mountains AND the desserts. What a God we serve.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Aren't obsessions weird? Holly blogged today about her little guy, Elijah, being obsessed with her hair. Steven blogged about his obsession with preaching. It got me to thinking about my family.

Hattie's thing right now is the purple comb. She LOVES anything purple and my well-meaning friend Lisa came across a purple comb and hair things and gave them to Hattie. She sleeps with the thing. She combs everything she can get close to. Lukey, her bald baby dolls...

Silas loves the next thing. Whatever that is. He can't let the idea of whatever it is that we have said we are going to do go. Read a book, watch a show on TV, go to the zoo in 4 days...he'll always ask, um, is that the next time I wake up? I think in that way, he like my sister Joy. Joy is always ready to move on. Change is a GREAT thing. (not to ME, though)

Luke is into 2 things: mommy and food. When I leave his sight, the separation anxiety kicks in and he's a basket case. When the food is gone, he goes NUTS. Poor guy. Its like he thinks I'm leaving and never coming back and he just experienced the last supper.

Jody's into the dustbuster. I love the dustbuster too, but he is downright funny about it. He thinks it is like the all-purpose cleaner. He uses it like its the only tool he needs. I should take a pic of him hunched over getting crumbs under the table. We do have a BROOM.

ME, I'm perfect. Yeah right. I've already admitted to my facebook addiction. I check that thing so often. I also live in this mind game of ifs. "IF I could get some unpacking done in the garage..."and it just doesn't happen. But I think about it all the time.

I know everyone has little oddities and they change from time to time. Got any funnies to tell me about, whether it's you or your kid or "someone" you know?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday, Monday

I don't usually have bad Mondays. One day is pretty much the same as the next. What I do everyday doesn't change. But today was just a bad Monday.

They all got up early. By 7 am all 3 kids were in our room. Jody left for his office and there I was. Luke laid down for a nap at about 9:30 and was awake at 10:0something. I let him cry for a little while, but finally gave up and got him. During that 30minutes, I did finish getting dressed, did the breakfast dishes and got the kids clothes put away (the clothes from LAST week's laundry).

I can't even remember what all I did and didn't do before I fixed lunch and fed the kids.

I got all 3 down for naps. Well, Silas doesn't sleep, but I threaten him with all sorts of punishments if he doesn't rest quietly.

But 30mins later, Luke was crying again. At one point I was crying. And praying. Knowing that a baby's naptime isn't on a list of International Crisis', but it was on the TOP of mine. Plus just the thought of all the STUFF in the garage that needs to find a home, it overwhelmed me. Silas came up to go to the bathroom. This time I let Luke cry, knowing he had to be exhausted. He did finally fall back asleep.

I got a few things done. Hattie and Silas were up a little after 3pm so I got Luke up and we got in the car. We did some errands and I have to say, the kids were SO good. We got stuff done. My super friends Scott and Stacy gave us a twin mattress for Hattie. She happily went to bed in a BIG GIRL bed with pink sheets.

I guess Monday wasn't THAT bad...but I am SO glad its over.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kid pics

These pics are from last Saturday's Halloween in June at Ft Lincoln State Park. It was lots of fun.

Garage Sale Finds

This is the bunk bed Jody found. For $140. It has a desk on one side with 3 drawers and then the drawers and shelves on the other side. We are going to put the bottom bed in Hattie's room as soon as we get a mattress. The set only came with one mattress. Isn't it great?

This is the cabinet we found for $1. This little 92 yr man hand made it 60something years ago and was just ready to get rid of it. Its in our laundry room and I love it.

This is the desk Jody found for $50, with the filing cabinet beside it (church printer, that wasn't in the deal...)

We've been having a good time finding stuff at the RUMMAGE sales here. Jody is really good at it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mr Fix-it

When Jody and first got married, he wasn't what you'd call handy. He's more mouthy. Ha. Tell me that is not true.

But what many of you don't know is how much he has changed in his handy skills area.

He says its b/c Uganda was a steep learning curve. Our friend Buck said, that sounds more like a learning cliff. Its true. Jody had to do everything while we were in Uganda. One time we called the plumber. The plumber arrived on a bike, with a crowbar and pipe-wrench. Jody quickly realized he was as skilled as most in our town.

Tonight he came home from work and before coming home he went to Menards (a Home Depot type store). He brought deck stain and a spray pumper thing. He applied that. Then he put a shower caddy together for the tub. Then he put up a curved shower rod.

Oh I love it. The bathroom is pretty small. And this new rod makes the shower seem so much roomier. Its great.

I'm so proud of my hubby. He's come a long way.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Little Liar

Hattie has started lying. I still can't believe it. My mom had always told us what a little liar Holly, my sister, was.

So far its nothing "big" but a lie is a lie and we are going to have to start spanking or something otherwise this is going to get out of control

This is going to be funny. Her lies are funny.

Hattie kept her pull-up dry all morning so I gave her a sucker. Luke REALLY wanted the sucker. I told Hattie not to give him any. I left the room for a little while. When I came back, I picked up Luke and he was sticky and smelled like the sucker. I said, Hattie, did you give Luke any of that sucker? No. I said, yes Hattie, you did. Then she said, it was just a yiddle, mom.

situation #2:
We were in the car and Hattie yells, Oh no, my gum. She bows her little head and cover her face and I heard her pray, "Jesus, help me find my gum." I said, "Hattie, did you lose your gum? Hattie, where is your gum?" (I'm thinking, Jody is going to KILL me for giving her gum in the car). She said, no mom, not my gum. When I unbuckled her, she said, my gum. And there is was on the carpet.

There's been a couple of other situations. What a little stinker.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I amlost missed it

Today we were lingering around, not in a hurry...we kissed Jody off at 8am...then I was getting milk for cereal and I saw it. I started freaking out, "Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh..." (this in itself bothers Hattie b/c Daddy says we should only say Oh My Goodness). The paper I had hung on the fridge said the day camp I had signed Silas up for starts TODAY.

I scrambled for my phone. The paper didn't say what time it started. I called and they said, oh, 8am and they'll leave at 8:30.

WHAT??? I said, where are they going??

He said the state park.

I was like, what? 4yr olds?

Oh, ma'am, you are talking about kindercamp, they start at 9.

So we RUSHED. Finished eating. Got everyone dressed. Sunscreen. Backpack packed and we rushed out the door with my and Silas' shoes in hand. (I had to lace his and I just wanted to get in the car.)

We made it. We weren't even late.

Silas had a great time too.

While he was at camp, Hattie, Luke and I went on a walk with my friend Stacy and her usual walking buddy, Sherry. And we did a few errands. We really needed toilet paper.

Whew, by lunchtime I felt like my day should be about over. But it wasn't. I still had PLENTY to do.

All in all, a good day. I got some more unpacking and organizing done.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Pictures from vacation

Bath time at DeeDee and Pa's - the kids with cousin Elijah B

Farmer Luke at Lane Packing
At the Georgia Aquarium

Weeeeee....down the slide

Who's got the BEST daddy?? We do.

Auntie "No-No" Joy
Cheese...I just got back from FISHING. (above)

Feed me Seamore...Lukey will eat ANYTHING (below)


Ok. I have a new mini-obsession. Its not really an obsession as much as an addiction. FaceBook is kind of like MySPace, but I like it way better. Its easier. I've found TONS of people on it that I haven't talked to or heard from in a long time. Its really fun. I really DON'T have time to be clicking here and there. I still need to unpack a BUNCH of stuff, but I keep coming back to the computer. I've found lots of Life Action people, North Greenville people, even a girl from 10th grade when I went to highschool in Miami. If you don't have time to waste, DON'T get started.

My super sister-in-law Jerre started a blog. Jerre, I hope you are better than your brother at blogging. I miss you guys so much.

Ok. Let me check facebook one more time. Of course as soon as I get up from the computer and start something constructive, someone will wake up from nap. Jody took Silas fishing, so its me and the 2 little ones.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Oh well

I think the kids are happy to be home. They've just enjoyed their space and their stuff the last couple of days.

When we moved up to ND, Silas completely stopped taking naps. I mean from Oct - May, he took, I think 3 naps in the pm and each time he was very sick. While on vacation, he slept EVERYDAY. It was so weird. I know there were different stimulations and such, but I was shocked that it happened again and again. Yesterday and today, here at home, NO NAP. Oh well. It was very nice while it lasted.

While on vacation, Hattie did amazing with her potty training. Joy, my sister, convinced me to get her Dora pull-ups. Hattie loved them and kept them dry a lot of the time. We didn't bring any panties, I didn't want to mess with wet panties. So yesterday and today, Hattie wanted to wear her panties. She peed in them 3 times, and not just a little. Even after recently using the potty. Oh well.

The last few days of our vacation Luke was exceptionally fussy. He's generally very happy. Holly, my other sister, diagnosed an ear infection. He was waking up more, screaming when I laid him down, I noticed his first teeth breaking thru the surface. This one I am glad about, relief is in sight for him.

As far as unpacking from our trip and the big move, its not going great. I'm pretty overwhelmed and the kids aren't exactly cooperating with me. I feel like I get going on an area and get called away. Oh well. That'll come eventually.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


We made it. I am SO relieved.

We left SC at 5pm EST and arrived in Bismark at 11pn CST. Tired is an understatement for how we felt.

But the kids were so good. No meltdown or fits. Not even a lot of crying to speak of. Hattie fell into the isle and was hanging upside down at one point. The man across from the isle tried to help and picked her up. She scowled at him for a long time. Apparently she's not much for good samaritans.

Silas was highly entertained by Aunt Joy's Gameboy. THanks Aunt Joy for lending it to him.

Luke was his usual agreeable self.

All 3 were asleep when we arrived in Bismarck. That was interesting trying to get them to wake up and walk, when it felt like midnight to their little bodies. BUt they all perked up when they saw their daddy.

Jody had cleaned up the house and really had it looking nice. Just in time for us to dump our stuff and give it that "preschool lived in look" that we are always going for.

A huge rain storm passed thru and it rained all day.

Our front yard has grass...I'm so happy. Its a beautiful bright green.

So, we are thrilled to be HOME. Thanks for all the prayers and dreadful thoughts. Chalk another adventure up on the wall.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Coming Home

Well, I'm getting nervous. Tomorrow I will get on the plane with all 3 kids all by myself. I'm feeling a little nauseous. I think the nausea is a combination of eating too much at Gatti-town, watching Kindergarten Cop where the lady is vomiting AND feeling nervous about getting on the plane with the kids.

They did SO good on the way up, so I may have nothing to be worried about...but I am. Pray for me as you think of me tomorrow. We leave around 5pm and get to Bismarck close to 11pm. But my layovers are not long.

Ugh. I don't know.

We've had a great, super vacation, but I'm ready to go home.


Saturday, June 2, 2007

Oh Atlanta

I just LOVE Alison Krauss, the blue grass singer. One of my favorites is "Oh Atlanta".

Yesterday we left Hawkinsville and Jody's family. Its always sad to leave. I didn't cry this time...I almost did, I had that lump in my throat. I hate leaving. I hate leaving Jody's grandmother who is 93. I hate seeing Jody's mom hug my kids so tight. My sister-in-law, Jerre is one of my best friends. I could take or leave her husband, Roman -- JUST KIDDING. I even love Roman. Their 4 kids are the best, or their new title "the cousins". And my father-in-law, Jerry is I think the nicest man I know and such a godly example to us. I know its crazy how much I love my inlaws, but I just do.

So we left to take Jody to the airport in Atlanta. It was busy and nuts, I dropped him off and squeezed thru the traffic. When I was 20 mins down the trafficed road, my phone rang. I went to pick it up and that wasn't the phone ringing. I had BOTH cell phones, mine and Jody's. My heart sank.

My mind was reeling. How was I going to make it till Wednesday without being able to talk to Jody. I have to be able to vent to him about how bad the kids are or whatever is going on. I like to remind him of things he needs to do...I don't know if he likes that, but I do. Ha.

Well, today he got to a phone. He made it to Bismarck. He went to Verizon and got a temporary fix for a phone. Thank you Lord.

So I'm in Greenville until Wednesday. Single mom, staying with my parents. This should be good.