Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lessons:Tying Shoes and Driving Cars

I can't remember learning to tie my shoes.
I don't remember not knowing.
Do you?

I do remember my dad {trying} to teach me to drive a stick shift.
It didn't go well.
I believe he made me walk home...

We've been trying to teach Silas to tie his shoes...
for like a year now.
Yes. We are behind.
{I really hope Silas's K5 teachers do not read this post, since we were supposed to teach him last year}
No. We have
NOT been consistent.
Yes. Silas wears slip on and velcros mainly.

ironic thing is, unfortunately, I got my teaching skills from my dad.
{I think I got some good traits from him too!}
But when the "I know's" and "let me try's"
come out of my child's mouth
I get
I quit.

The good thing is,
my husband is a
very patient man,
a good teacher.
I think he will be doing the family
driver's ed too!