Saturday, September 29, 2007

Silas and the Birds

This is Silas (and our buddy Gordon) in Uganda at about 2 years old holding a "gift" chicken in Uganda.
This is Silas the other day holding a duck Jody and Scott shot

Aren't these funny? Silas just LOVES animals (bugs, birds...whatever.) he always has. Dead OR alive. My mom gave him a cigar box and that has become the feather box, along with one NASTY beak and several crane legs.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Toilet Paper

Hattie is potty trained, but you know the TRAINING actually takes a while.

I've always told Hattie you just take a little bit of toilet paper to wipe. Well, she takes things literally and will use a minuscule piece. So I've been telling her to use a little more to get totally dry.

Well tonight after dinner I went into the bathroom (to use it), I lifted the lid and screamed. Jody came running in, thinking there was like poop all over the bathroom. But actually, it was Hattie using a "little" more toilet paper.

The entire roll (I had JUST put it on that afternoon) was unrolled and stuffed into the toilet. I'm sure she tried to flush. The toilet paper was almost touching the seat. I knew Hattie had done it because she had gone to bathroom during dinner and took a long time in there too. That little stinker.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Its Fixed.

Kids waiting for daddy to come home. (notice Hattie in just her panties)

I am SO happy. Jody got home just a little while ago with the van...all fixed. Come to find out (its not as bad as a loose door, Judith) it was all connected. The dinging was from some low fluid in the master cylinder. The cruise control, airbag light and horn were are b/c of some part in the steering column. Who cares...I'm just excited to get in the car tomorrow and NOT hear the terrible dining.

Tomorrow is a big day. Silas has a field trip to Papa's Pumpkin Patch. (We are going to go as a family this weekend) Jody is going to duck hunt in the AM. I have our first MOPS meeting of the year. Plus week #2 of my University of Mary Bible Study. I've got a huge batch of pumpkin bread in the oven that I'm taking to my 2 events. (But you know I made enough to "sample" tonight, just to make sure I should bring it. )

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Stats

I forgot to post (mainly for the grandparents) how big everyone is getting.

Silas: 39 lbs, 41 in, 50% all around. They didn't measure his head, but its a head just like his cousins. More like a melon. He really has a big head.

Hattie: 24 lbs, 34 in, 3% and 5 % respectively. She's just tiny no matter how you look at it. The Dr said no more juice. She can't have the empty calories when she needs fat from calories so bad. So she's strictly drinking milk. (16-20 oz, which takes ALL day to get in her) SHe's actually doing pretty good with it, every day she says, the doctor say I need to dink MILK.

Luke: 21lbs (15%), 18 7/8 in (90%). So he's not a big guy. And the way he eats, he should be. He eats like a grown man. He ALWAYS, NO EXCEPTION eats more than Silas and Hattie. He loves to eat. He's walking very good now and he babbles all the time.

So, there you have it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I know that sensors are important. I was just explaining the smoke detectors to Silas the other day. Actually, it was very funny, the bulb in his nightlight blew out and he said that tiny little dot light was his new night light. (its the smoke detector :))

I'm glad God created bodily sensors, like knowing when you need to go to the bathroom or to eat.

For the most part, I appreciate the car sensors. My dad is horrible about wearing his seatbelt, so I love it when the sensor won't quit dinging until he buckles.

But a few months ago a sensor in our Kia van started acting up. At first it was kind of funny. Sharp right turns made the dinging sound (like your keys are in the car and door is open sound). Then it evolved to dinging at even the slightest right turn. (Some of you who have ridden with me are laughing).

To correct it, you could apply the brakes or turn left.

But now its just turned berserk. Most of the time spent in my van, the dinging continues. Only a hard left makes it go off and then if you even hit a rock in the road, the dinging starts back up. It makes me feel like I'm crazy.

The other day, when I got so turned around in downtown Bismarck, the dinging was a large part of my frustration. It gives me a headache. I thought if I knew that cutting a wire or 7 would MAKE IT STOP, I would.

Well, I only have ONE more day for my own car to drive me crazy. Monday Jody has some meetings in Fargo, where the Kia dealership is. I told him he is NOT welcomed home unless the car is not dinging anymore. I don't care if I am cooped up with the kids b/c we can't fit in Jody's jalopy, I want my car to stop being so sensitive.

Ok. Enough. I've made myself laugh at this insanity.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Silas always likes to talk about how the dinosaurs are extinct. It got me thinking about other things that are becoming extinct.

The Payphone. I saw the funniest thing the other day in the post office, a big sign over a booth type area saying "Pay Phone" and there was NO phone. Think about it, when was the last time you ever used a pay phone? I tried last year when I was in transit to ND, at the airport with no cell phone. I had a calling card with like 20 units on it and it took like 27 units to dial a number.

Tape players and cassette tapes as well as VHR's and VHS tapes. I'm sure some of you still have and (occasionally) use a VCR, but admit it, they are rare now. Can you even buy them at walmart? Ours broke last year and we didn't even replace it. My mom asked Holly and I if we wanted any of our old family VHS movies. I said no. I have no way to view them.

Letter, via the post office. Now I do occasionally send cards and receive them, but you have to admit, that's fading fast. With email and free long distance...why bother. Now I can hear my dad saying there's nothing that come close to something hand written with a real stamp on it. Thank you notes would go in the category. But just for the record, no one EVER needs to send me a thank you note. A verbal thank you is just fine for me.

Redheads. Did you hear this? By the year 2100 redheads are said to (possibly) be extinct. Click here to read an article about it.

I've been wanting to write this post, but I wanted to take a pic of the empty phone booth. But I keep forgetting to bring my camera. Oh well. Just some food for thought. Can you think of anything else to add to this list?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

End on a good note

Well, I started my day on a sour note. I pulled out of the garage and backed right into to Jody's car. LOL. I'm laughing b/c there was no damage. But at the time, I screamed, Jody came running out....Oh well.

My day could only go up from there.

My bible study with the girls from University of Mary went great. I had TEN. It was fun. There was even a girl from South Carolina who came. What are the odds of that??

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another one of "those days"

Well....I've survived this day. What a day.

The kids did fine at the Dr. Hattie has reminded me and anyone she talks to that she got 2 shots today. Silas and Luke each got 4. But after the initial shock, everyone has been fine. Hattie is in the 3% with her weight. The Dr told me to cut out fruit juice all together and just have her drink milk. So, besides announcing her shots, she also kept saying, "the dot-er say I have to dink milk, right mom?"

But I on the other hand...

I don't know what's wrong with me. I have no inner compass, no "map in my head" (as my mother calls it). I've actually learned my way around Bismarck pretty well. I don't know what happened today. But I got SO turned around after the dr. I had the hardest time getting my barrings back. Other factors didn't help, like this train that was NOT MOVING. I was trying to get around it by going over this bridge on a one way street and I ended up going up the WRONG one way street.

I had to get money out of the ATM and I could NOT remember my pin #. I tried 4 times and finally had to use the card that I would be charged $2 for using at the wrong bank machine.

The kids went down for late naps. I had a pile of stuff to get done for MOPS and a ladies dinner we are having on Thursday. I had to switch my dentist appointment, call my friend Stacy and tell her I didn't need her to watch the kids...the list goes on and on.

Then Jody wanted us to come up to the church and help him figure out a new way to arrange things. This girl, Kristi, who has been coming to our church was coming. So we ate pizza and then went to a few places to get some plants and decorations. We rushed home, did not bath OR read books. I heard splashing as I was helping brush teeth and I turned and saw Luke playing in the UNFLUSHED toilet. Ugh. Nasty. You know I screamed. Luke was scared and cried. All that to say, I JUST (9:25pm) got the kids in bed. I'm dreading the morning. Silas has school and I don't want him to be grouchy.

TOmorrow is my first bible study with the girls at U Mary. I'm excited about that. We are starting The Amazing Collection. But that means I HAVE to mop my kitchen by 7pm tomorrow.

Sorry for the rambling on and on, I'm pretty wound tight right now, can you tell???

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Christian BookStore

Silas is SO happy to be back in the swing of Preschool. I'm so glad he enjoys it. Hattie told my dad that she is too little to go to school, she is only 2. I'm glad she sees it that way.

Today, after we dropped Silas off, I went walking with my friend Stacy. Then I took Hattie and Luke to the local christian bookstore, The Rainbow Shop. (Who thought of that name??) I needed to get some door-prizes for this dinner the ladies at our church are hosting.

Luke pooped sometime between buckling him up at the Y and walking into the Rainbow shop. But since I was already in there, I wanted to just get what I needed and go. I tried putting Luke down and that was a terrible idea because he kept bringing me books from the shelves he could reach. Hattie kept coming to me with those dumb trinkets in the kids section. I was frustrated b/c I couldn't think clearly about what I needed. Not ONE employee asked if they could help. I don't think there was another costumer in the store, but there were at least 3 employees.

I left with one of my door prizes. Oh well.

We came home for about an hour. LUke needed a nap and I HAD to fold clothes. Although I don't feel like I did anything worth eternal significance, I did get all my clothes washed and folded. THe kids clothes are all put away too. That leave my own. Jody can put his own away. That's my deal. (I'd say it was our deal, but I didn't really leave room for him to wheel a deal).

Tomorrow I have all 3 kids scheduled for yearly check ups at the Dr. I want to knock it all out in one shot. Ooooh, actually several shots...all the kids are getting shots. But I'm not telling them them until we get to the dr. Silas would never sleep if he knew what was coming. Jody is going with me, Thank you Jesus.

I'll let you know how we fair.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

In your face

Do you see that in each picture there is something on each face? I thought that was funny.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Birthday Boy.

Looking at the goats

I've got pics with the kids here at this measuring thing from the last several times we've gone. I just love seeing how they've grown.

More pics to come tomorrow.

We're HOME.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relieved to be home. We had a great time in VA and SC. The conference at NGU was wonderful, but its always great to get home, you know??

We flew in around 7pm. The kids went to bed very easily. Tomorrow Silas will have his first day of preschool. I have TONs and TONs of pics to post. I'll start with a few tonight.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Luke's Shoes

For those of you who haven't been around our baby, Luke, let me give you a little background. From the minute he was born, he has been the MOST easygoing, sweet baby ever. He rarely cries. He plays on his own OR with others. He loves to eat more than anything. He's amazing. When my sister, Holly, came to visit in July, she said the only time I hear him cry is when we are at the table and the food isn't coming fast enough for him. Its true.

Well last night was a different story.

We went to eat supper at NGU. Jody and I were speaking at a student function later in the evening. I let Luke get down when I thought he was done and he started crying. I tried to feed him more and he wouldn't eat (VERY unlike him, I'm telling you he eats like a grown man). Jody picked him up and his crying got worse. My mom took him and walked around with him and when she brought him back to me, his cries had escalated to where tears were streaming down his face. After about 15 minute of different ones of us taking turns to try and console him, I took him outside. He had NOT stopped for even a second. He was writhing and throwing his head back and shaking his head NO and waving his hand. I kept trying to give him his pacifier thinking that would calm him and he'd throw it or bat it away.

I took him on a swing (another favorite thing of his to do) and he KEPT crying. I took him to the water fountain, that didn't help. I had resigned to the fact that I would just go home and Jody would speak by-himself. I didn't want my parents to have to deal with him. He was inconsolable. I was to the point of tears myself. NOTHING was working. No cup. No paci. No singing. NOTHING.

I decided to take his clothes off, he was working him self up into a sweat. I took his shoes off and immediately he let out an obvious sigh of relief. Not another tear or whimper.

It was the shoes.

Isn't that terrible? My parents had given Luke a cute little pair of KEDS for his birthday last week. Obviously his little pillow top feet and fat ankles were not comfortable in those shoes.

Thanks to The STEPHENS, we do have a pair he likes. I'm sticking with those for now. Isn't that just awful??

NOTE: Judith Herdklotz, are you in Greenville? I really think I saw Jeff jogging on Wednesday when I was driving a honkin' church van from the grocery store.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Knobs on the Stove

First of all, sorry to dissapoint, but I don't have any new pictures to attach. I was hoping to attach some from my cousin's beautiful wedding, but they aren't up yet.

But I do have a funny story to tell.

When we were on the way to the wedding, the babysitter called my cousin Ashley and asked her how to turn the stove on. Ashley was shocked. HOw could a 14 year old NOT know how to use a plain old stove? What were our kids going eat?? Why did we leave THIS girl in charge?? We laughed and someone said she has an anceint stove anyway. Maybe the babysitter only has a digital stove at home...that kind of thing.

When we got home, Ashley said, Emily, what so weird about my stove? PAUSE. Emily, did you take the knobs off the stove? Are you playing a trick on me?

Come to find out, when Ashley's mom and our grandmother, Nana came over that morning and made pancakes for all the kids they put the stove knobs in the dishwasher. Boy did we have a good laugh over that one.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Did you miss me??

Did you miss me? I miss you! I really do miss blogging, but I just haven't sat at the computer until now. (I'm using my dad's and I'm so glad to have an exclamation point for a change!!!) And boy do I have tons to say.

The flights there went very smoothly. The kids were wonderful travelers. I cannot complain at all. I was very proud of them. No melt downs or anything like that. Yay!!

We drove up to Virginia. We visited with my Grama B, who has been in the hospital. It was great to get to see her. She was happy to see the kids too, although they were pretty overwhelming.

Jody got in fine and even got to visit with our friends Mike and Jessica from Bismarck. They are living in Virginia now and they picked him up from the airport.

The wedding was amazing. My cousin, Kaylin, looked like a princess. We stayed with another cousin, Ashley. My kids had lots of kids to play with. Jody and I loved hanging out with my family. It really was FUN.

On our way back to Greenville we attempted some family pics at Holly's house. That was torture. We were road weary...nuf said.

So, we are back in SC now. We have a full schedule this week, but it's be great.

I promise to post some pictures soon.