Saturday, December 30, 2006

I hate the Grand Theater and Papa John's

I really hate the Grand Theater here in Bismarck and Papa John's online ordering. The following is a terrible story.

We planned a date night. I got a baby sitter for Silas and Hattie, who are feeling a lot better today. I decided we'd take Luke with us. There are several reasons why I decided this. One is he's a perfect baby. He wouldn't make a peep. He's a nursing baby. I don't give him formula and I don't really pump. And the other reason is my babysitter would be pretty overwhelmed with all 3 kids. I mean come on, I am!!!

So we braved the snow, bought our tickets, found our seats and started watching the previews. Then this woman came up to us, squatted down in front of us and said, I'm sorry, but we have a policy about no babies under 2 years old in a movie that is PG 13 or R. They are considered noisemakers. Ok.

We got up and walked out. I was SO sad. Then we stopped at the ticket counter and Jody asked to speak to the manger. The kid at the counter said, WHY? He'll just tell you what we are telling you. Jody said, b/c I want to speak to the manager. They went back and forth for a minute or so. JOdy was getting mad.

The manager came out and Jody said, we don't see that this policy is printed anywhere. How should we know we can't bring a baby in here? He said it is posted out on the window outside. (the ticket counter is inside, I guess b/c of the weather). The manager also said, I think you misunderstood the guy at the ticket counter. He wasn't being rude. Anyway...I could go on. It was awful.

We saw the sign. In a very hard to see place, in very small type on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper, was this: Babys in arms are not permitted into the theater. Please do not bring children to movies that are not appropriate for them. They are considered noisemakers.

Ok. Fine. I understand policies. I understand that exceptions can't be made for even a perfect baby like Luke. My 2 problems are:

1. A strictly nursing baby??
2. The policy needs to be in a more prominent place.

We went to eat supper with Luke who didn't make a peep. It continued to snow...

Well, its gets worse (I know this is a long post, but I'm still steaming)

I figured out I could order pizza online with Papa Johns. Choose the time to be delivered and everything. Good coupon deals online too. Well, I thought I had figured it out, but apparently I didn't do it right.

When I got home, my kids had not had supper. They had eaten candy and watched TV they whole time we were gone. Oh, and meanwhile, JOdy was stuck in the snow in the car, I just walked in. It took him a long time to get the babysitter home and get back, b/c he got stuck again.

Not that my babysitter was bad. Shes a great girl. My kids love her. I just feel like, ugh. No supper. Movies and candy?? I limit my kids on movies and candy like a Nazi.

OH well.

I am planning on writing a letter to the theater. I"d like to send it to the 0wners, but I can't find that info yet.

We have about 10inches of snow as of 9:30 and another possible 4-6 overnight. SO, church is canceled. We can't get in and out of our driveway. The side roads aren't being plowed b/c the main roads keep getting covered.

I guess Silas will get his snowman tomorrow.

Sorry this post is so long.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Still Sick

Silas and Hattie are still sick. They didn't have fevers so much today, just really bad sore throats. They would just cry when they would go to swallow or drink. Forget eating. They didn't eat enough today to amount to anything. And Hattie simply can't afford to NOT eat, she's so small.

Luke had no reactions to his shots. YAY!

In other news...

My nephew Elijah B peed in the potty today. Great job, buddy! Tell mommy NOT to scare you next time and maybe you will pee more than a tablespoon's worth.

It has snowed here all day today. So, we've got a good 3-4 inches. Silas is dying to make a snowman. Mawmaw (Jody's mom) sent him a snowman making kit for Christmas, complete with scarf, hat, pipe, plastic carrot nose , buttons, etc. If he feels better, we are going to make a snowman tomorrow. And go sledding.

One more thing, just for the love of my life...GO GEORGIA BULLDOGS! Tomorrow at 7pm central time.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sick Kids

Sick kids are the worst! Its just pitiful. Hattie woke up from her nap Wednesday with a fever. She came running out of her room at 10:30 pm, still with fever. At about 4:30am, Silas called and he had a fever.

So the day continued. BOth of them kept fevers most of the day.

We had to go out. Big Luke had his 4 month dr's appt. After the dr's appt and a few other things, we went to Walmart. I needed tylenol and ibuprofen. Silas and Hattie were in one of those carts with the 2 big grey seats. They were just lethargically sitting there. The baby was dozing in the carseat in the other part of the cart. This lady commented while we were getting yogurt, WOW, your kids are so well-behaved!

I said, thanks. But they aren't usually like this, they don't feel good.


But it was an easy trip to Walmart.

Both kids went to bed with fevers and were asleep before 7. Luke is doing fine after his 3 shots. Not great, but ok.

I hope tomorrow they all feel better.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


A Nodak is a person from North Dakota. And we are learning a new dialect here. Its very funny sometimes.

In Uganda they spoke English, but man was it different. Its not THAT different here, but there are some interesting things.

The pink stuff above your teeth, GUMS. Here, pronounced GOOMS. Jody asked someone one day, why don't you say chewing GOOM. No answer.

FOR prefaces many adjectives. They see Luke and say, oh, for sweet. Or for cute or for funny. Where did that come from??

A bag, any kind, is pronounced BAiG (long A sound). THis drives Silas crazy. He corrects his teachers. He told me, I tried to tell my teacher that this is a book bag not a book baig! I told him he didn't need to correct his teachers.

Theres more. I can't think of them now.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Pics

A full day of fun

Well, its over.

Whew!! What a day.

Actually, I had to go get the kids, I was so excited. By 7:30 when I could hear Silas singing in his room, I just went in there.

So it took us a LONG time to open all the presents. The kids are at the cute age of enjoying the presents they open, not just going on to the next one. Hattie LOVED the kitchen, shopping cart and baby with stroller. Silas just loved it all. Going from thing to thing. Luke actually played with a couple of his toys. That's a first, since he doesn't usually pay attention to much other than me.

After nap time, we all went to see Charlotte's Web. IT was so good. Silas loved it every second. He never even looked away. His favorite part was "when Charlotte died". He's such a morbid boy. He loves to talk about death. Hattie watched the first half without moving. Then she got a little restless . But she did stick with the whole thing. She was so funny, talking to the movie screen. "I see pig", "Look, horsey", "Night-night pig", etc. Luke just napped thru it.

Oh, the funniest part was during the previews.

Let me preface this. We have a DVD player in the van. We are having some problems with it right now. It just stops during movies. Obviously the reaction when this happens, by me and Silas, is something to the effect of "Oh SHOOT". I say this because during the previews, when one would be over and the screen would go blank for second, hattie would shout out, OH SHOOT!


Well, we had a great Christmas overall. We really missed our families. It was hard being this close, this year (compared to Uganda the last 3), and still not being able to spend Christmas with any of our family. Oh well. It was a good day in all.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Almost Christmas

Well, the kids are down. Jody and I are finishing up wrapping presents and putting together a couple of things. We've never done this before. All of our Christmases as a family have been in Uganda until this one. Silas is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo excited. Hattie and Luke don't really know what is happening.

I'm excited about tomorrow. And it has nothing to do what I'm getting for Christmas. Jody and I decided to stick to $50 each. I am excited to see the kids and what they think.

It was also SO fun this year to give to some unexpecting people and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. (being the recipreants the last 3 years, this was fun to know how our money would be used)

We had our own little Christmas eve feast. Pheasant the Jody shot, sweet potatoes, stuffed mushrooms and green beans.

Ok. Break's to assemble Hattie's kitchen.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Grocery Shopping

First let me start with, I saw a woman today at the YMCA that has me beat. I have 3 kids under 3 1/2 yrs (so does my college roomate Jill). This woman has 2 (TWO!!!) sets of twins. The first 2 are 5 1/2 and the second set is 2. That's 4 in 3 1/2 yrs! I told her that she is my hero and I don't even know her name.

Anways. Have you ever run into some one like me or this woman at the grocery store? We looked frazzled. At least one child is crying. Another is whining. Maybe one is running down an aisle or grabbing things off the shelf as the cart goes by. Walmart tries to cater to us moms by giving each kid a sticker and a coupon for a cookie. Great. Sugar, that'll help.

But its necessary. We have to have food so we go to the store. Sometimes I go after the kids are down and Jody is around to be at home. Sometimes I go when Silas is in school. I mean 2 kids is far different from 3 at the grocery store. And sometimes my kids are good at the store, at least 40% of the time.

Holly, my sister, has been online grocery shopping at Lowe's food and picking it up. It only costs $5 and you don't have to the children in OR be lured by the "great deals". I've been jealous that she could do this. But I found it here in BISMARCK! YAY!!! I'm very excited. Not only can I order and pick it up but I can choose the delivery method. It only costs $5 too.

I feel like I won the lottery.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Hall Closet

You know its bad when you haven't lived in a place long at all and already the Hall CLoset needs tending to. That's where I found myself today. I just couldn't put it off any longer. I had shoved too many things in it.

So, thanks to I got to it. Its this great website I found about how to stay on top of the clutter, and not feel guilty about messes like the closets. You just tackle them slowly and get it all done eventually.

Next, I will tackle Jody's pile of pants that dont have a home. Oh, but I don't have anywhere to put them yet! Aah. Oh well. We should have the chest of drawers ready soon. Jody found a chest of drawers and a dresser at a used furniture place. Just in our price range, only needing a little work. But he's working on it. Its looking good.

I'm telling you that learning curve was a cliff in Uganda. What a great man I'm married to.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Pirate, The Parrot, and The Drooler

My sister-in-law said my life is a comedy. Sometimes it really is. Sometimes its just funny because I have to laugh so I don't go nuts.

Silas is the pirate. Its always something with him. Today the pirate had a friend over from school, he was a cowboy. (our first time having a friend over with no parent and it went very well). I took the kids outside to the playground because it was so nice outside. A genuine heatwave, 45 degrees at the high. I looked over and saw the pirate digging furiously in the dirt. I said, what are you doing??? He said, a pirate needs to be dirty and he showed me his finger nails filled with dirt.

Hattie is the parrot. Literally. She mimics everything. Everything. If I say darn-it, I hear it again. If Silas screams, Where's my socks? Hattie wants to know, Where my socks? The Wonder Pets say "teamwork" and Hattie says "teamwork". (That's a show on Nickolodean)

Luke is obviously the drooler. I think he must be getting teeth. But man, he can soak some clothes. My clothes, his clothes, the arm of the chair...At least he's not spitting up like he was last month.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Preztel Kisses

My friend Lisa had her own baking marathon this past weekend. She brought me a selection of what she made. Wow! Let me just say, she knows what she is doing.

My favorite thing that she made are these Pretzel Kisses. Stand back...these things are awesome!!

I've already made my own batch, I think they will make great teacher gifts, along with some home-made peppermint hot cocoa mix.

Here's how to make them. Get the small pretzel shaped pretzels. Spread them out on a cook sheet and place one unwrapped hershey's kiss on each one. Stick them in the oven (250 degrees) for about 2 minutes or until they all look glossy. Then take them out and stick one m&m on each kiss, smoosh it down. Let them cool completely, which takes a while.

I love the fact that the only mess to clean up it the hershey kiss wrappings. Its so easy and so good!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

the Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever

Have you read this book recently? I LOVE this book. I loved it more this year, because I read it aloud to Silas. He loves a good story. He's all boy, so there has to be a good villain or at least a mean person to be a good story.

In the Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever, Silas loved the Herdmans. It was so funny. In the Christmas Story, Silas is very interested in King Herod, just like the Herdmans. Silas listened to every word in each chapter. He loved how Immogene slung the baby Jesus over her shoulder. He likes the names of the Herdmans. Ralph, Immogene, Claude, Ollie, Leroy and Gladys. Like hearing about the kid's dad who walks around the house in his underwear.

If you don't know the story, let me recap it. The Herdmans are a group of siblings that nobody likes. They haven't given anyone a reason to like them. They are dirty, mean, and are always getting into trouble. They hear that food is served at church, so they show up. They volunteer for all the main parts in the Christmas pageant, having threatened the others children if they volunteered. The director tells them the Christmas Story for the first time. Its so touching. They have such real concerns (like what if the Wisemen went back the same way? Why didn't Mary get to choose the baby's name? ) The people in the church are sure the Herdmans are going to ruin Christmas and burn the church down in the meantime.

During the pageant, the wisemen end up bringing a ham for a gift. The Herdmans felt perfume was not a good gift, so they got their own Christmas ham and brought it. Mary burped the baby before she laid him in the manger. And the Angel of the Lord pushed the shepherds down the aisle to see the baby.

It just made me think about all the people in our community who are like the Herdmans. Unlovely, dirty, needy, different.

Also, as I look at the presents under our tree, I remember our friends in Uganda and others right here in our apt building that won't have all this "stuff" for Christmas.

We may not have much to give, but I'm sure I could get a ham and give it to my neighbor. (I could also take some of these presents from my tree and give them to her son, my kids probably wouldn't even notice. But I won't do that! Although Jody would like me to. Pretty much all the presents are from DeeDee, Pa, MawMaw, PopPop, Aunt Holly and Uncle Steven, Aunt Joy, and Aunt Jerre and Uncle Roman)

As Gladys Herdman says, "Shazam!! "

Friday, December 15, 2006

The New Tree

Recent updates

There is some good news and some bad.

Lets start with the bad.

We took down our real tree. Jody just didn't want the office people to ask us again. We were sad, but Hobby Lobby already has their trees on sale. So we got a cute little one. Not all the ornaments (that I JUST bought to fill the big tree) fit, so I stuff them in these big vases with lights. See the picture.

The good news is...the garage door opener works! Yea!! I'm so proud of my husband! He did it!!

Today, we are going to Space Aliens. Here is Bismarck, its the place to go. ITs like Chuckie Cheese, but instead of serving pizza, they serve BBQ. Silas has worked very hard to earn this reward.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread House

This morning after creating our gingerbread house, I was thinking who in the world came up with this idea?

We bought this kit at Walmart for $5. I knew the kids would have a great time. But I didn't realize how messy it would be AND how hard it would be to NOT eat the candy. I don't know how many times I said, NO don't eat that! Then I'd laugh to myself. What a horrible temptation for 2 little ones. Don't eat the candy, just hold it and stick it on this big cookie that you can't eat either.

We set aside some candy to eat when we were finished. There was icing EVERYWHERE! All over the table, not to mention the little bodies and hands and noses (that's from smelling the icing you can't lick).

When we were done, I set it up on a bookshelf. Silas has asked all morning if its dry yet. I'm like, hon, even when its dry its still just decoration. What??? You mean we will NEVER get to eat that work of art? (what a mean mom!)

Well, the Germans made up the whole ginger bread thing. They must not have had kids when they decorated these things!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Jody leads a bible study at one of the local colleges on Monday nights. I usually look forward to getting the kids down and then just sitting all by myself. Maybe watching a movie Jody would pass on (like all these cheesy Christmas movies that are on right now).

But you know, we (we all, not just me and Jody) are surrounded by people in need. Just here in our apt building I'm surrounded. Single, lonely moms, adults with special needs, etc.

So, instead of locking the door and ignoring the 5 knocks last evening, when Jody came home I had 2 women in my living room, talking with the Christmas movie in the background. We had a couple from our church over for dinner before the bible study. I met our neighbor and his dog in the hall when I opened the door for Jolene, who sweetly brought me some tacks for my stockings (that she heard me say I needed to put up)...

When the night was over, I was like, what happened here? I didn't get any ME time. Me time is way overrated. I mean, I do need it sometimes, but a lot of times it boils down to being selfish and lazy.

Jody reminded me that we are not here where God wants us so we can just ignore hurting people who need a friend. That is why we are here.

Monday, December 11, 2006

My Dream

Jody says not to write about this b/c its "terrible". But I'm going to anyway.

I had a dream last night. You know how dreams go. I don't usually remember any dreams and if I do, they are very vague. Like this one. But I can usually trace them to some random thought I had the day before.

Let my tell you the thought I had first. As I was doing the dishes, I asked Jody, "What if I stopped doing the dishes altogether? What would happen?" So that led to the thought of what would happen if I wasn't around.

I dreamed that I left my family. (I would have to be a lunatic to do this, b/c I've got it pretty good) But in my dream, I left Jody and the kids. And I was spying on them. The baby was crying, Silas was zoned into the TV, and the dishes were piling up out of the sink. Poor guys.

Wow. If nothing else, they need me to wash the dishes, feed the baby and turn off the TV. I don't know that Jody, Silas and Hattie would get too hungry, being that none of them eat very much.

When I told Jody I dreamed that I left them, he didn't want to talk about. I think he needs me! No, I know he does. But sometimes during the mundane or endless crying (or laundry or dishes...) I wonder.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE being Jody's wife and the mother of Silas, Hattie and Luke. I really do. Its the best job in the world.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Dakota Zoo

Ok, guys. This is very funny.

A HEATWAVE came thru and we were in the 40's today. So we decided to make a family outing out of the day.

First we went to mall. Not only was Santa there, but there were also 2 of his reindeer! Really. 2 live reindeer (also known as caribou) in a big pen in the middle of the mall. Silas and Hattie were thrilled.

After lunch, we headed over to the zoo. This was our first trip there, and we've heard a lot about it.

Saturday's with Santa (that's what it said in the newspaper). After petting some goat and mini-horses, we went to meet Santa in the Discovery Center. Well, since we met Santa at the mall, he was not the main event. The rats, snakes, tortoises, etc were way more important. Hattie fell off a chair and has a gooses egg on her forehead.

I thought we were done. Please, there's snow on the ground. I thought goats were the main attraction. I was wrong. SO we proceeded around the zoo. (I forgot the stroller and baby carrier, so we had Luke's carseat on a little zoo stroller and the other two walked or we carried.

What animals can survive in North Dakota outside? Here's a list of what we saw today (up close and personal):

  • deer (mule and white-tail)
  • bison
  • camels (the 2 humped hairy ones from Russia)
  • elk
  • reindeer (caribou)
  • Clydesdale horses
  • porcupines
  • racoons
  • otters
  • fox
  • wolves
  • GRIZZLY bears
  • mountain lions
  • bobcats
  • moose
  • antelope
After we finshed walking around the zoo, we went to pet the goats one more time. Hattie has figured out that they want food. Since she likes to look but not touch (why is she NOT like that with other stuff??) she sticks out her hand at this goat that jumped up on the fence to get closer to us and says, NO FOOD!

It was great. YOu can buy a season pass for the whole family good for a year for $50. I think I'll give that to Silas as a birthday gift this year!!

Friday, December 8, 2006

O Christmas Tree

We were so excited to get a REAL tree this year. The kids have never had one. Up here in North Dakota, the trees are not horribly expensive. We got a nice looking 7 footer for $28.88. We decorated it and were just so proud.

Come to find out, the apt building doesn't allow real christmas trees b/c of fire hazards!

How did they find out?

The pine needle trail to our front door.

Jody asked if we could keep it if we didn't use the lights. THey said no.

We haven't taken it down. I'd like to wait till they tell us one more time.

But here's my thing...

Its like everything else. Why suddenly is that a hard fast rule. I know the hazard. I know its always been a hazard. ISn't that my choice? Besides, I am going to everything I can to NOT have a fire. Believe me, I don't want to run out of my apt into the butt-cold with 3 little kids! I don't want to replace a bunch of stuff.

We bought new lights. I keep it watered.

My dad thinks the same thing about seatbelt laws. He thinks they should not MAKE us wear seatbelts. That should be our choice to put our lives in danger, not law-enforcement's. I'd wear my seatbelt even if it were not a law. I'd put my kids in carseats if it were not the law (most of the time anyway).

Now here's the other dilemma. I spent $30 on a tree! My plan was to buy a good fake tree after Christmas. 50% off! The LAST thing I want to do is pay full price for something that I KNOW is going to be at least 50% off in less than 3 weeks. Ugh!!! So if I do have to take down my real tree, I've decided to get a small fake one, and get a big fake one after Christmas. I did see 2 trees for sale in the paper this morning.

What a bummer!

Thursday, December 7, 2006


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Snow angels

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Sleeping Babies

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Butt Cold

My sister-in-law, Jerre, asked me the other day if it was 'butt-cold'. (She by the way is an awesome friend, and a great mother of 4!!) I've never know what butt-cold was. But now, I can tell you.

Some kinds of cold just makes your hands and nose cold. Some times its so cold you shiver. But butt-cold is when your BUTT is cold. Ok, its that cold here in Bismarck this week. Poor Hattie, she can't walk when its cold and windy. It would be funny if I wasn't already lugging Big Luke in his carseat. When the wind blows it takes his breath away.

So imagine this. We get to our apt building, its like 3 degrees (seriously! that is what it is as I write this) and I have 3 kids in carseats to get inside. I will just leave the groceries in the car, its cold enough to keep the milk for days. It takes us like 10 minutes to get out of the car and up to the door to the building! We have a garage, but that's like 10 more minutes to get out of the car, lift up the door, get back in the car, pull it in, get the kids out, close the door and then go up to the building.

Well, my wonderful sweet husband and our friend Ryan Bell, found a good deal on a garage door opener yesterday and decided to surprise me with it. Such wonderful intentions!

You have to know Jody. He's come a looooooooooooong way in his handiman skills. He said living in Uganda was a steep learning curve. But it was more like a cliff. (I can't take credit for that, Buck Hill put it that way. It hits me funny!) However, he's no guru. I want to say Martha Stewart, but she doesn't do garage doors anyway. And if she did, Jody wouldn't want to be compared to her.

So, last night, Jody and Ryan stay out in the garage for I don't know how long. Hours. Like at least 4. In the BUTT-Cold! When they finally came in, their toes were so cold, they couldn't even warm up right away.

Then they went back out this morning to finish it, in the 3 degree weather. Its still not installed fully. Ryan is leaving in a couple of hours. But sometimes its good to walk away from a project for a while and come back ready to start again. At least his toes will be warm to start with.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Hattie, Silas, and Big Luke

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I was so MAD

Don't know if you remember (or currently read) any Mercer Meyer books. We love them here at our house. The Little Critter ones. THere's one called I Was SO Mad. Ooh, that's me today.

I had good intentions. My parents are hard to buy for, for Christmas. You know, what do they need? (What do I need, for that matter?) BUt what would they like? Well, my parents are coffee drinkers. Dunkin Donuts is their favorite. Plain, not flavored. Whole beans, so they can use this ridiculously loud grinder in the morning. That works to wake you up more than the caffeine, in my opinion. Anyway, I decided to order them some.

It was on sale, 5.50 per lb. So I put 4lbs in my cart. When I went to check out, my cart was empty. So I did it again, paid and went to bed. Granted, it was like 10pm when I closed it out. Well, as I was nursing the baby at 6am this morning, I thought, ooh, I don't know that I got the whole bean. SHoot, I think I clicked ground. So at like 8 am (central time) I called them to change my order and IT WAS ALREADY SHIPPED!

I was so mad!

Me and Little Critter.

Oh my gosh. Hello?? Didn't Dunkin Donuts get the memo? You are supposed to take a long time to ship stuff, especially around Christmas!

So, the only thing to do is refuse the package and then I'll be credited and then reorder. They said the store won't trade. Ugh.

Well, at least they are efficient.

Me and my kids

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Here goes

I know what my dad is going to say when he hears about this. In a very sarcastic Murrill Boitnott ( better known as Pa in our house) he'll say, "Oh, I guess this is what you are going to do in your SPARE time??" My answer, yeah, I guess so.

COme on, while Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer is playing, why not?

Sometimes, as I'm thinking about what we might want for lunch, I think, oh, we haven't had macaroni and cheese in a few days...why not? Sometimes the ordinary is just funny. Sometimes its awful. But we will just eat good old Kraft just like we do the same old stuff everyday. It may be boring and it may be down right funny. We'll see.

So here's a little bit about who is eating all this Mac and CHeese!

Silas. He's about 3 1/2. He talks NON-Stop! Its constant. Where is the off switch on this kid?? He's all boy. Everything turns into a weapon of somesort, even a baby toy. He loves preschool at the YMCA. He loves the spiderman shaped macaroni noodles.

Hattie. She's 21 months. She is a priss if you ever saw one. My mom says she should be Holly's daughter (Holly is one of my sisters). She LOVES purses and shoes and hats and babies...She also loves her brothers. She actually doesn't eat much of anything. We call her the peanut b/c she's so tiny. She does sit at the table with us as we all eat mac and cheese.

Luke. He's 3 months old. He's a HOSS. We call him Big Luke or Lukey. He isn't getting the mac and cheese directly (yet) he gets it in the milkshake form. He's the best little baby. Thank GOD! I'd be up for mom of the year in the loony bin if he wasn't!

Jody. He's my wonderful husband. He puts up with me and smiles at me at the end of everyday and says he loves me. He is so encouraging. The friendliest guy I've EVER known. Never met a stranger. He's a little burnt out on macaroni, but he's not usually around at lunch.

So, that's it, for today. Anyway, I think we are having macaroni and cheese for supper, and you know how long THAT takes to get going. Seriously. JOdy's not going to be around tonight and we opted for Ramen Noodles for lunch!