Monday, June 29, 2009


We had a WONDERFUL time at the beach in Delaware! The beach was great, the weather was perfect, the company (my aunt, uncle, grandmother and cousins in/and out) was fun...all around super time! Jody had a wedding in Bismarck, so while we waited for him to come back, we enjoyed the beach a few more days and then headed to the DC area. My aunt and uncle live there, and they took us to the National Zoo before picking up Jody, dropping my grandmother off at her house in Southwestern Virginia and zipping home. (We got in at 1:30 am)

We got back just in time for VBS at our church. Last night was the first night. Its going to be a long week, getting to bed late every night, I know. But the kids are having a great time. I am too!

Its HARD to believe June is on its way out. We still have several more FUN FUN things to do this summer! People to see and places to go.

Here are some fun pictures.
Silas and his favorite passtime: being in charge of the remote while enjoying TV time.

Lukey and his favorite passtime: harassing everyone and being a typical 2yr old.

Hattie Ruth and her favorite passtime: dressing up and looking pretty.

Mille Grace and her new favorite passtime: sitting at the table and acting like a starving baby bird.

Everyone at the zoo. My uncle Pancho, Aunt Melanie (my mom's sister) and Nana (my mom's mom) with the kids. Notice the Terrible Two-Year Old!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I've got problems!

Our computer crashed! I've been waiting to do my blog until we got it back, but it looks like we won't get it back before we leave for vacation. I think all will be recovered...I HOPE!! It should come back better than ever. We have another computer to use, but I really think it doesn't like me!! As long as I have control of it, it will NOT stay connected to the internet but Jody seems to have no problem! Go figure.

We are headed to Delaware! We really are excited about spending time with family and hanging out at the beach. Jody will fly up to Bismarck in the midst of it to be at a wedding.

Don't know if I'll have access to the internet, so...I'll be back with pictures and stories!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back to Normal

Sorry...its been so long!  I got a text from a friend saying something about it and I realized I have neglected my little blog!  Ha.

But I have to admit, I just have realized how much more important just staring at my sweet kids and playing with them is than other time-suckers.  Not that this blog is, because I do see this as a form of journaling.  I will be able to look back at these entries and remember a lot!

Silas had his last day of kindergarten on Thursday.  That means the summer schedule will be in full swing on Monday.  (Inspector Mom will be visiting each morning.  This is something Jody and I came up with.  I'm looking for a funny hat to use.  Then I will get in character and inspect their rooms each morning after breakfast.  HOPEFULLY this will help with starting the day in a home that isn't overrun with junk all over the place.  Who knows?? This may be a horrible idea!  I may borrow my mom's FLIP video camera and show you my inspection routine, I know you'll love that.)

Luke had a MELT-DOWN today because he couldn't play soccer with the big kids.  It KILLED him!  But I reminded him that there are no 2yr olds out there.  He stayed off the field as hard as it was for him.

Millie Grace is army crawling all over the place.  And I think she is going to eat us out of house and home!  She gets so mad when we sit down to eat and don't include her at the table AND feed her!

Although its not her favorite thing right now, Hattie is doing a great job playing soccer.  She is FAST.  

They all talk about Luke's near drowning.  Hattie, on her own, drew a morbid picture.  But I've heard that's good therapy.  Silas will say stuff to Luke about wearing floaties and not jumping in ever again.  Luke just keeps talking and asking questions.  Like, "what are lungs?" "what was the man's name who jumped in and saved me?" stuff like that.

So, that's a little catch up.  I'll post some new pix soon!  Maybe that video!