Friday, February 29, 2008

Birthday Pics

Hattie had a great birthday. Notice that mommy didn't think about birthday candles, so we improvised with a tea light on the requested Strawberry Shortcake.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Cat is out of the Box

I know its really the BAG. But one time we were giving a cat to this lady in Uganda. Our friend Gordon was going to that lady's town so he and I put the cat in this box and wrapped it with a towel and some string. The cat did fine the whole 6 hour trip on public transport. But as soon as Gordon reached his destination, the cat got out of the box and ran up a tree, never to be seen again.

Back to what is out of the box...

We are moving to South Carolina. Whew! Here's the whole deal...

After much a prayer and a lot of consideration, Jody has accepted a job as Baptist Student Union Director at our alma mater, North Greenville University. It was a difficult decision for us. We love it here in Bismarck. We have made some WONDERFUL friends, our church is growing, and we have an awesome house...among other things. But we have a peace about making this change and we are very excited about it.

We told our church and they were very supportive. After 10 days online, our house sold. Our friend Ryan will transition into the lead pastor roll at Dakota Hills. We will be much closer to our families. A house is ready for us to rent right off campus. Its amazing how God is working out the details and confirming our decision.

We LOVE college students so much. We are looking forward to living life with these guys, going on mission trips, ministering along side them and discipling them.

The kids are very sad to leave their friends and school and the house. But they know we are going to see DD and Pa and Mawmaw and Poppop more often. Silas has already asked me if he can invite all his Bismarck friends to his birthday NEXT year. Hattie cried when we told her that we are selling the van. Luke is clueless.

Jody will start at NGU April 1. We are planning to close on the house March 19th and leave town on the 20th. I am flying with Hattie and Luke. Jody and Silas are coming in the moving truck.

Anyways. It became official at North Greenville today, and I was glad because I've been wanting to blog about it for several weeks now.

Now, I need to start packing.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3 Years Ago

So this night, three years ago I was in labor with Hattie Ruth. We were in Nairobi, Kenya. I had eaten an eggplant dish (said to induce labor, and it worked for me). I went into labor at about 10pm and at 2am we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl with a head full of hair.

I've been thinking about the Mays (Dodd, Whitnee, Xan, Hannah, Austin, and Jessie) and Natalie West a lot today. I would have never survived that month at Hampton House, waiting for Hattie to be born with out them. Jody was in Uganda and I needed to be close the doctor. But I was terrified of being stuck in a hotel-type room with Silas who was almost 2 at the time. The Mays and Natalie took me in and made my time pass by so quickly.

My mom made the trip to Kenya for the birth. Jody, Natalie and my mom thought I was going to die as they watched me bleed without explanation. Poor baby Hattie was whisked away and left ALONE in the nursery as everyone on the floor attended to me.

What a night. But SO worth it. Hattie Ruth is a constant entertainment for our family. She is obsessed with girly things. She LOVES purple, princesses, changing clothes, anything miniature, make-up, shoes...sometimes I wonder if she's really mine! She's so much like her Aunt Holly.

Of course I know she's mine. The Ugandans always called her "the Photo-Copy". And people today still comment on how much she looks like her mommy.

3 Years old tomorrow, February 27 - Hattie Ruth, we love you!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Bowling Party

Silas was invited to a birthday party for his friend Nolan. It was at the only bowling alley in the Bismarck/Mandan area. Its actually a nice bowling alley. I haven't been bowling in a long time. You may laugh, but I think the last time I went into a bowling alley, I walked out smelling like smoke.

This bowling alley was newly renovated and the computers were nice and user friendly. I was surprised.

So, back to the party.

There were like 12 - 5 yr olds. Stacy's husband brought up a suggestion yesterday that I thought was good one -- Require hockey helmets. HA! It wasn't that bad. It wasn't bad at all really. The one game they played lasted FOREVER. But no one was hurt, the bumpers on the gutters made everyone score points and remain happy.

But, Silas concluded that bowling is boring. He really didn't like it. It was too slow, took too long to come back around to his turn and the point system confused him. I don't think Silas will be asking for a bowling party.

Friday, February 22, 2008


I LOVE clearances. I feel like I am beating the system.

Today we went to Target. I noticed 3 cars parked at the entrance just loading there cars with merchandise. I was like, huh, wonder what they are buying. Then I ran into a friend of mine from MOPS (Anne). She had a cart full of stuff and said there was a big clearance section in the back and the stuff is going fast.

Well, it was almost gone, but I got some GOOD stuff. I wish I would have went there first. I got a set of salad plates for $5, cool mugs for $2...I was hoping that target.come would have the same 75%, but they don't...yet. I'm going to keep checking.

Ryan's parents are here for the weekend. He's being ordained on Sunday. SO we had them over for dinner tonight. I think my kids were a little loud and rambunctious. Actually, I know they were. BUt they went to bed like usual and then we enjoyed some adult conversation.

Tomorrow I'm going SCRAPBOOKING. YAY....I can't wait.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thankful Thursaday

I've seen this on several other blogs. I like the idea, so, here goes.

  1. Luke's kisses. He is the best little kisser. At 18 months, he smacks better than Silas or Hattie did at this age. He doesn't just give them out freely, but when he does, they are THE BEST.
  2. YMCA's childwatch. I pay $20 a month (on top of our family membership of about $60) for childwatch at our Y. I can take all my kids there for up to 2 1/2 hours a day. I have no idea how I could exercise without this program. I get to the Y, everyone washes their hands, hangs up coats. I bring a little snack and drink, labeled for each of my kids and head off to a class or the machines or whatever. I LOVE IT.
  3. Dried Blueberries were on sale at our local grocery store this week. My kids would eat these until they were sick, but I usually don't buy them because they are SO expensive. I guess this lot is close to expiration date, but on package of them was ONE DOLLAR. I bought 5 and I'm thinking I should go get some more of them.
  4. The Library. I posted on the whole library concept a few weeks ago, but I still can't get over it. I love bringing home a pile of books that my kids have never read. I love reading them. I love how excited they are to have new books around.
  5. My super husband who helps around the house. He is always so willing to load or unload the dishwasher (as long as he I have told him if its clean or dirty, right Shaunna?), help get shoes and coats on and off the kids, and make up the bed, among other things.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Third Child

I am a first born. One of 3 girls. So, my observations about what I'm about to blog about may not be accurate.

Whenever something happens to Luke, like if he falls down, someone will inevitably comment, oh, poor 3rd born (MOM, its usually you). I admit, I don't run to him like I did with Silas, most likely. Sure I let him eat stuff that fell on the floor. Maybe his diapers are a little wetter than they should be. But I don't think these are bad, poor Lukey things.

With Silas I was extremely strict with naps. I tried futilely to keep that morning nap. I would NOT go somewhere if it was going to interfere with his nap. But now with Luke, we have so much more going on. I have been waiting for him to drop the nap, to where he doesn't need it. What kid wouldn't love to stop taking a nap? ( I know my other 2 would love it if I did that to afternoon naps)

Luke is free to do pretty much whatever he wants. He plays, goes up and down the steps...I think he's pretty lucky. He has 2 older siblings to play with. He has very laid back parents.

I think Luke is FUNNY and well adjusted and easy going. Third child-ness certainly has its benefits.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I am always amazed at the wind here. When we walked out of the building after church the wind had picked up tremendously. Hattie still LOATHES it. I imagine that she feels like she will blow away. I would if I weighed 24 lbs!

We ate lunch with some friends at A&B pizza and after that is was even more windy. Like 40mph! We had to drop Jody back off at church because he needed to do a couple things. When he got out of the van some papers whipped out of the door and the wind blew them completely over the church building and they disappeared. I have no idea what the papers were. Maybe directions or something like that. I doubt they were important.

I did notice, Stacy, that I still have your neighbor's map from delivering Meals on Wheels. That didn't blow out of the car, so I'll just get that back to you before it does blow out. Ha!!

I don't know, but I just love the wind. It reminds me of how powerful God is. How although you can't see it coming, or where its going, is so strong and powerful, just like God.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sleep deprivation

Why is it that when a child is tired they don't just SLEEP? At what point does one figure that out?

No matter how tired Hattie is she INSISTS that she is NOT tired.

I'm only saying this b/c all my kids were exhausted today.

We were out past bed time last night because we ate out with the Stephen's for Emma's birthday at the Texas Roadhouse. It was SUPER crowded but had a great time.

Then today we had Emma over, so we didn't have a great rest time. Hattie was practically sleepwalking and she was still "not tired".

I wish I had the stamina to press on when I am so tired. But I'm a wimp.

I love Psalm 4:8. I pray it over my kids, especially when they are over tired. It says:
I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bad Guy

If you spend any amount of time with Lukey, you would soon be laughing. He's just a very funny kid.

He's talking tons, big shocker. If Jody and I have a quiet kid that would be interesting.

So this week, Luke keeps calling everything "bad guy". He picked up a toy shark and said, "shark, bad guy". He say an old trophy of Jody's and said, "ooh, bad guy". Isn't that funny?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The coveted blue puck - there's only one out there and Silas's sole ambition is to get it.

Hattie has gotten very confident.

The Net Ride at the end.

Silas and Hattie

Silas and Emma

Tomorrow is the last day of pre-school hockey. We have had the greatest time at hockey this year. Both Silas and Hattie have improved. Luke starts saying "hockey" as soon as we turn onto the street to the arena. He plays with a hockey stick and hits pucks sometimes too.

The last day of hockey consists of a party. Its really just a junk fest. There will be pizza and "pop" and so many goodies it makes me cringe. The first one we went to last year I baked a chocolate chip pound cake and it was barely touched. Last time I brought a fruit salad and it was about half eaten. I know its because there is so much junk to choose from (cake, cupcakes, cookies, candy...) who wants fruit or cake with NO icing? So, I have prepared a bowl of almonds and a bowl of olives. Easy.

Manic Monday

Luke woke up in a grouchy mood. So I started singing "Manic Monday". This kids thought that was a GREAT song.

Did anyone out there have one of those Pocket Rockers as a kid? It was kind of like the first IPod, come to think of it. You stuck a little tape in it and listened to ONE song and flipped it over and heard another one. I had Manic Monday and Walk Like an Egyptian. Funny memory.

I don't know what was wrong with LUke, but he would randomly cry off and on all day. Hattie reluctantly wore the pink princess shirt. SHe would prefer to wear the purple one EVERY DAY. Silas had a good day at school. It was SUPER cold, but tomorrow it is supposed to warm up to like 30.

I made the UGLIEST supper every, split pea soup. But the kids ate it. DOn't ask me why my kids eat weird vegetarian type meals.

Then I had a very fun tastefully simple party. It was great. Great group of friends, great food. What more could you ask for?

ANd to top it all off, we watched the new episode of Prison Break. It was pretty good. Stacy stayed and watched it with Jody and me. That was a real treat.

Its just another Manic Monday...oh-a-whoah...

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Yesterday we were out. We were going to a valentine's banquet with our friend Scott and Stacy. Silas had a birthday party. Then we had about 30 mins to kill.

We had a card to mail. The mail doesn't go out until 6pm at the main PO. So, Jody ran in to buy a stamp.

No stamp machine. But there was a sign that said: For your convenience you can purchase stamps at Staples, Dan's SUpermarket, Wells Fargo and US Bank.

I was like 5:50. So we go to the US Bank pull up and they looked at Jody with this strange look, (mostly having to do the the accent) and said, uh, no we don't sell stamps. We went over to Wells Fargo Bank and pulled up to their teller. She said, we do sell stamps, over at the ATM.


We then wait in line, 4 cars deep, to buy stamps out of the ATM with the credit card. Isn't that funny? They came out like a dollar bill and cost about 9cents extra. What a rip off. BUt we needed the stamp and we met the postman as he was emptying the mail for the night.


Oh, and btw, we had a great time at the Valentine's thing. Scott's duck wrapped in bacon appetizers were the best.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Library Book

We LOVE to check out library books.

Just a side note, its not a worldwide concept. In Uganda this group of people were trying to get a library together. But the problems they were running into were things like addresses. No one has one, so how would you collect books and fines that were due?? Plus the concept of borrowing and returning in the same condition was a tough one.

Anyways. My kids LOVE getting "new" books.

Well, back in like October, maybe it was November we lost this book. The Bat in the Boot. IT wasn't even a good book. I renewed it twice. Paid a few fines. I asked them to renew it one more time for me. I just knew it was here at our house. I have a strict policy of not taking library books out of our house. We don't play with them and we always take good care of them. We do sleep with them. But I had looked under and around all the beds.

So the book was overdue again. It was due on Jan 18. I had resigned to paying for the book. Its like $17 with a $5 processing fee, or something like that.

Why is it that when you stop looking for something you find it? Doesn't make any sense. But I was straightening out our storage closet and there it was in a tub with some other random stuff. I'm sure I put it there. I really can't blame anyone. Besides, no one is actually going to pick up around here.

I was so relieved to turn that book in today at the library. And of course to bring "new" ones home.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Hattie was ready to go in, as soon as we got out.

What a BIG BOY helper.

We got 4.4 inches of snow yesterday and the kids had a great time playing. Well, that's not true. Silas had a good time. And I couldn't resist posting the pics of Luke's blue eyes again.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

6 Weird/Random things about Me

My friend Melinda tagged me in this. I think it will be pretty interesting to learn weird things about other people. So, here are the rules.

(1) Link to the person that tagged you.
(2) Post the rules on your blog.
(3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
(4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
(5) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Ok, here goes:

  1. I just drink water. In 10th grade my health teacher challenged us to give up all cokes (pop for you North Dakotans), tea, etc. I did and I've pretty much stuck with it ever since. I do like espresso in the afternoons to replace my naps, but other than that, I stick with water.
  2. I love made for TV movies. I can't explain it. I know they are dumb. I know its bad acting, but I enjoy watching them anyway. I try not to torture Jody, so I record them and watch them when he is gone.
  3. I've been to 49 states. My dad's goal was for us to be able to say to our husbands, "Oh I've been there." we didn't go to Alaska before I got married. Maybe I'll take Jody there.
  4. I collect thimbles. My dad started me on that collection when we were going to all the states. I love unique ones the most. I have an antique fingernail one, one made out of coal...
  5. I can crack just about every joint in my body. My kids love it. I read somewhere that the "euphoric" feeling doesn't exist and I couldn't disagree more. I have to pop my hips before I go to bed, my neck at various times in the day and my fingers all the time. I wonder if I annoy people, but no one ever says anything, except my mom. She thinks I'm going to have arthritis. But I read that that's not true either.
  6. I never took a driver's license test. I was in driver's ed and my parents wanted me to get my license ( I had been 16 for several months). So I asked the Baseball coach/teacher for a voucher and he just gave me one. I took it to the DMV and got my license without ever being tested. Hmm, Jody would say that explains a lot.
Ok. That's it. Now, I am going to tag Stacy, Shaunna, Karen, Jed, Peggy, and Becky.