Thursday, October 30, 2008

What have I been doing?

I haven't had the baby yet...for those of you who may be wondering. But I have been super busy and super tired.

Tuesday my kids were SO bad, I don't even want blog about it! Jody was out of town all day Wednesday. And today I volunteered at Silas's school. First in the classroom and then at the little Halloween social. THEN we went to our church's fall festival. It was GREAT. But we needed to get back in time for Jody to go to BSU. In the evenings I've been entering bloggy giveaways...hope I win!

Tomorrow I go back to the doctor.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm really trying this CVS thing. I see all these other gals (by following them on different blogs) getting these amazing deals for very little "OOP" (out of pocket). You get ECB's and roll them over and collect more. You have to keep up with the receipts and coupons they give you.

But I've been doing that and STILL not gotten the hang of it.

The last 2 times I went (today and a little more than a week ago) I was overcharged. That's annoying. Of course I go back, I mean the point is to save money not spend more than advertised.

I always come out with way more OOP than I would like. I do get good deals, but I want the trips where I only spend a few dollars.

I'm not totally discouraged, but I spent all my ECBs today, I didn't get any, they were out of stock on the 2 items I was planning on collecting from. I may just give it a break until after the baby is born. I mean it takes A LOT of brain power, coupon preparation and concentration. PLUS I had Hattie and Luke with me and they were such little (loud) beggars today.

Needless to say, I was pooped when we finally got home!

Maybe I'll go back for the 50% halloween stuff. Like I need more candy.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Family Movie Night

Seriously, there is about NOTHING my kids love more than when we say, "Tonight is family movie night". Its pretty funny. They think there is something majorly special about putting in a movie for everyone and eating supper on the floor in front of the TV.

So tonight I decided it was that time again. (I typically decide this when I have not planned a regular meal and its NOT a school night). Everyone was thrilled. After they finished eating, they all 3 snuggled with Daddy in the big chair to watch the movie. Oh, and my favorite part was when the credits came on and the kids started dancing. It was hysterical. (Now I'm kicking myself for not videoing it...they all have very unique dancing styles and it is downright funny!)

Its NGU's homecoming this weekend. Weather permitting we will go to the parade in the morning and the game in the afternoon. But it was wet and chilly today, so we'll just see.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hattie at Ballet class on Monday

Lukey and Meg, one of our favorite babysitters!
A family pic with Nana.

Silas with his pumpkin

We aren't quite finished, we have Hattie's Frankenstein to decorate and one other orange one to carve. But the seeds are in the oven roasting as I type. The kids were VERY proud of their jack o lanterns. I think they came out pretty good!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Top Ten Weekend

Here's the Top Ten Best things that happened for the Jennings family this weekend:

  1. Jody's truck is fixed! (Thanks to Seth, Dustin, my dad, and Jody)
  2. We picked out our pumpkins for carving
  3. Jody let me sleep in on Friday, since Silas didn't have school.
  4. Silas's teacher had great things to say about him at our conference.
  5. The weather was gorgeous.
  6. We found a missing library book on the boy's book shelf.
  7. The Bulldogs won = happy husband
  8. Apple season + Nana's visit = homemade applesauce and apple butter
  9. Our Sunday School class gave us a baby shower at church...diapers and wipes!
  10. Lots of quality family time spent.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Day

So Thursdays are the day that all my kids are in school. I've been using Thursdays to clean the house and catch up on stuff. Today I had an OB appointment and haircut scheduled. But boy was it a weird day.

My OB appointment was uneventful. No news, everything is fine. And that's wonderful!

Then I stopped by to visit a college friend and her new baby. (Tara Hall Burch) I haven't seen her in a LONG time. I didn't have much time, but it was very nice to see her and hold her sweet new son.

On my way to get my hair cut, the director of the preschool called me and said Luke was having a hard time. He was crying uncontrollably and nothing was calming him down. I thought about canceling my haircut, but I really needed a haircut. So I called my dad and he rushed right over and picked Luke up and took him to their house. are not going to believe the middle of my haircut, the preschool called again! Hattie was having a melt down. She had asked me for yogurt for lunch, but then we had yogurt for breakfast. So I told her I was packing applesauce instead. I guess she forgot because when her friend pulled out yogurt, she apparently snatched it and thought it was hers. The teacher could NOT convince her that it wasn't hers. I told the teacher to remind her that she had yogurt for breakfast.

I guess it worked because they didn't call me back and when I picked her up at normal time she was fine.

When I got to my parent's house, Luke was not feeling great but he was ok. He had a slight temperature and took a good nap. He seems fine now. Strange.

I half expected Silas's school to call me. The day I'm not close to the schools they all needed me. But Silas was fine. He said he had a bad day, but I don't know why.

Needless to say, everyone was tired. Jody is at BSU at North Greenville and all the kids were in the bed by 7:30 and asleep soon after. No school tomorrow or Monday, so I hope we can have a good uneventful long weekend.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall is Here!

This week Hattie, Luke, and I went with a play group from our church to a local orchard that has a pumpkin patch. We had a pic-nic, a went on a wagon ride, saw some animals, and several other things. We had a great time! We also got some local apples.

And tonight we ate supper at my parents because one of my grandmothers is in town. She made my FAVORITE...chicken and dumplings. She also used some of our apples and stewed some. was so good!

Pa pushed Hattie, Silas and Elijah on the tire swing while supper was being prepared.

I'm so glad Fall is here!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Camping at Stone Mountian

Early morning by the fire

Our HUGE campsite...both tents to the popup.

Silas by the lake

Mommy and Hattie getting ready for the day

Luke LOVED the bubble machine

Hattie was the BEST ballerina in the Backyard Circus Show

Silas was a tiger and his cousin Tanner was the tamer. (Colson, another cousin was in the show too, just not in this pic)

Hattie got a pretty cool hair-do!

Luke also LOVED the pumpkin patch, naming all the pumpkins.

Jody's parents, aka: MawMaw and PopPop

Me and Jody waiting for the laser show. I really like this pic, LOVE MY CAMERA!

This was our best family pic, and we took several.

All "the Cousins"

We had a great weekend camping at Stone Mountain GA. It went by SO fast and everyone had a wonderful time. We met Jody's parents and his sister and her 4 kids. We used our popup camper for the first time and Jody was great at setting it up and taking the brunt of the work around our little sight. (which is good, since I'm 8 months pregnant!).

My kids LOVED having their cousins to play with and follow around. Stone Mountain offers so much to do. I was SO tired from walking around Saturday, but it was really fun. We'll have to do it again...maybe when the baby is ready.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Living Close to My Parents

There are so many nice things about living close to my parents now.

Yesterday they came over at suppertime and ate with us. Then my dad helped Jody get the popup camper ready for our trip this weekend. My mom made milkshakes and cleaned the kitchen while I bathed the kids. Then my mom mopped our little back porch, my dad and Jody hung 3 sets of blinds and I cleaned the "Little People" toys that had gotten dirty on the porch. (I had a sit down job, how bout that?)

I was so tired when they left, but SO thankful to have my parents here to help!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Stuff


I think the antibiotic is working...I'm pretty sure. It has to be, right??? I'm not all better, but I am somewhat better.

Jody is on his way home, with NO deer. I'm disappointed for him...and my dad. I know they are disappointed.

But, I am looking forward to Jody being around tomorrow, its Fall break for NGU and maybe we can get some stuff done around here.

OR at least get the popup ready for our fun camping trip to Stone Mountain GA this weekend!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

No One to Blame

Friday I had an OB appointment. My parents kept Luke and I headed for my appointment.

First of all, the baby's heartbeat was going so fast, the OB was laughing. I told her that this baby has been moving incredibly. The doctor gave me a prescription for an antibiotic b/c of this sinus thing I have going on. And I left to fill it immediately.

I went to the store, locked the car and went in to fill my prescription. When I got ready to leave, I couldn't find my keys. I went to my car, saw the keys in the ignition and pulled the handle to find, yes, I had locked the doors.

I was so mad at myself. I couldn't even blame the kids, I was ALONE! I called AAA and they ordered a locksmith and I sat on the curb waiting. The thing is, I had a pedicure appointment, within walking distance in 30min.

I was pouting and trying not to cry and praying. I walked over to my car again, determined to try everydoor, just incase. Drivers door...opened. The alarm goes off, but I didn't care. I called AAA back and they said they'd take care of everything.

Isn't that crazy? Maybe the drivers door didn't lock. But seriously, I think God unlocked my door so I wouldn't go crazy!

It made me have such a positive outlook on the day. I was so thankful. I had a great pedicure. The girl who was doing it wasn't having a good day...I tried to cheer her up, but to no avail.

So, hopefully this antibiotic will help me. I am SO tired of being sick!!

Jody and my dad are going hunting tomorrow and Monday. (NGU is on Fall Break) I hope they kill a deer each. Just to be happy about it and not have go back out and keep hunting. Not that that will be the cure all, but with the baby coming...I'd like him to just get a deer and fill the freezer and be proud of it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Neti Pot

I heard about the neti pot on Oprah, oh I don't know, last year or the year before. Then I started hearing about it here and there. If you look up natural sinus remedies it usually shows up. I have been meaning to buy one for a while and just kept forgetting.

Well I bought one this week out of desperation. I HAD to try something else for this cold/sinus thing I have had for well over a week. (Currently working of day 11 of misery) Let me tell you, it was a worthy investment. And it really wasn't much of an investment. I bought the CVS brand. It came with the little pot (looks like a little genie-in-a-bottle lamp made out of plastic) and it came with 30 packets of saline solution mix (salt). You can buy more expensive ones made out of ceramic or stainless steel. But I thought for my first go, for $12, I'd go with the generic one.

The Neti Pot is for cleaning out the sinuses. Some people recommend using it everyday, whether you are having problems or not. I have fallen in love with the Neti Pot so deeply that I may just add it to my routine!

Here's how it works, if you don't already know. You mix the saline in the pot with warm water. You put the spout in one nostril, lean your head over the sink so that the potted nostril is directly over the open one. Your forhead is still above your chin. Prepare to breath only out of your mouth and begin pouring. In a matter of seconds the saline solution begins flowing out of the open nostril.

I can't explain it properly, but it is very refreshing. You don't feel choked. You don't taste the salt. It doesn't even feel weird really.

Switch sides when you are ready. Have several tissues ready. When you blow your nose (I'll spare you of the grotesque details) be ready for instant relief.

Now this isn't a long term fix, right away. But salt is so healing and beneficial, it has to be healing your sinuses.

Jody thinks its gross. He thinks it doesn't work since I am still suffering with horrible cold/sinus symptoms. But I am sold. I love the Neti Pot! However, I'm not posting pix! Sorry.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Thanks for all the concern about Jody. He's feeling back to normal today and I am SO glad. Mainly because I cannot kick this cold/sinus thing and I was tell Jesus that we cannot both be sick here! Thankfully my prayer has been answered and Jody went into work today and is feeling fine! Now, I just have to get him to agree to see an allergist. He says there's no need, but the ER docs and others disagree.
If you have any suggestions on how to get him to go, I'm open to that. Other than next time your airway will close and you will probably die OR I don't care. (I've already used both of those!)

The weather is wonderful here. Around noon it was 71.

The baby is a girl. I guess I never officially said this. Sorry...I wasn't not saying that on purpose. But we don't put all our stock in that verdict. We were told Silas was a girl...twice, 2 different ultrasounds...and SURPRISE. We don't have a definite name. Although if I did, I probably wouldn't post it, because I would be talked out of it and I HATE that!

I'd like to leave you with some new vocab words, compliments of my children:

BOYLEY: adj - used like girly, only in the male context. ex: I only like girly things, not boyley things.

POOP-PED: past-tense for poop. ex: Mom, I poop-ped, change my dipa.