Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Summer Plans

Its hard for me to believe that summer is just around the corner! NGU's graduation is a week from tomorrow. Man, this year has flown by! Silas goes to school until the first week of June. So, its causing me to think about what we are going to do to keep busy this summer. Busy and sane!

I've decided that I am going to make a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. Here are some of my ideas:

Movie day. We have 2 theaters here that have FREE movies Wed, Thurs, and Fri. Free for kids and parents!


Craft/baking/letter writing - stuff like playdough, simple crafts, making cards/packages for people

Swimming lessons, practice - we can use the NGU pool at certain times

Family Movie Night - this is always a BIG hit. And if we have it scheduled maybe they won't beg for it every night. I heard about a great idea. Let them earn some money throughout the week and then they buy a ticket and snacks and take turns manning the snack bar, being ushers, etc.

NO TV Days - I am serious about this one. I want days when they know there will not be TV, cartoons or anything. We have to have other things planned so they see there are better things to do.

Playdates, fieldtrips - we have wonderful parks, a new children's museum about to open up, and plenty of friends to play with.

Housecleaning - I think this is important. We are going to have responsibilities daily and weekly.

My goal is to not let my kids be bored, and myself to be frustrated. I'd LOVE to hear some more ideas I can implement into our schedule. I haven't made it out, but when I do, I'm going to put it up for the kids to see.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It must be spring because Strawberries are in!! I bought some local ones on the side of the road yesterday. Luke and Hattie were so happy! They'd eat themselves sick on strawberries. They were REALLY good ones too.

Well I forgot that my bible study was having a little brunch to celebrate the end of the Amazing Collection. So, at the suggestion of my mom, I decided to bring the strawberries. Luke saw I had them rinsed and packed and he wanted some. Here is how it all went down:

Me: No Luke. We are going to share these with my friends. We can get more.


Me: Well, not these. We'll get more.

Luke: No. NO (stomping his foot). Those are MINE.

Me: I'm sorry buddy. We are taking these to bible study.

Luke: (pointing his finger at me and narrowing his eyes at me) I hope your ladies SHOKE on those strawberries.

WHAT???? I tried to hold it together and not bust out laughing. I said, Luke, that is NOT a nice thing to say! Where in the world did he learn to say that kind of thing? I have no idea!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Today at the breakfast table Luke started crying. I was trying to ignore him as I fed Millie. But he kept crying, "My leg hurts...". I really thought he was using it as a ploy to get down from the table. Then Jody walks in the kitchen and Luke says, "My foot is tin-ga-ling. My leg hurts..."

Jody says, "You foot is asleep. You're sitting on it. Straighten it out."

It reminded me of what Silas used to say. He used to say something like this, "Man, my foot must have been so tired, because it fell asleep!".

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fifths Disease

Maybe we have been living in a hole but I haven't heard of Fifths Disease until recently. Its a "common" childhood illness. Its called Fifths because it came down the line, like third, fourth, fifth. Measels, mumps...there were four and this is the Fifth (I know, what a creative name!). Its not a big deal as illnesses go, as far as I can tell. Its like a really bad cold. Runny nose, headache, swollen glands, "slapped cheek" look, low grade fever, sore throat and rash. But some people's symptoms may be so minute one doesn't even know they have Fifths.

Well, we do! I am pretty sure all my kids either have it or have had it of late. It typically lasts 1-3 weeks in children, much longer (Like months to years in adults). No wonder I feel like we have been wiping noses like crazy all month! Its as if these symptoms are describing my kids!!!

Hattie has been very pitiful this week. I thought it was Strep again. But the doctor said its Fifths and Bronchitis. Her symptoms come in waves. She'll be fine, running around, laughing and then like a balloon deflating, she'll just slump over, cry and complain about different pains. She told me today, "This disease is biting my heart." Hmmmmm. Interesting description.

I think we are on the tail end of it!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We had such a nice Easter. I love that we can freely celebrate the risen savior. I know that I can celebrate this every day, but there is something special about a holiday. Although I must admit I'm a little Easter-egged out!! We hunted several times. At our church easter egg hunt, my parents had a little one, we had our Easter bunny hunt and then a fun one after lunch. I will be thrilled to pack those suckers UP!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

One of Each

This was taken on Silas's birthday last month. We had lemon-poppy seed muffins for breakfast. He looks so sweet and happy!
Hattie is very proud of her NGU cheerleader outfit! Isn't she beautiful? Notice all her necklaces.

This is Luke being punished because he stuck his tongue out at me. Look at his lil'kins, Goliath. He LOVE that thing. Best 8 buck I have spent on him!

And look at this doll baby! Some sweet friends sent Millie Grace this outfit, we got it in the mail today. So cute!!!

Check out my sister's post for some fun old Easter photos.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I haven't faithfully watched NBC's ER drama for the last 15 years like my sister Holly has. She even loves the reruns. But Jody and I have watched it semi-regularly for the last few years. I must admit I was little sad tonight as the final ER ended and there was no "stay tuned for scenes from next weeks ER". Was it a 3 hour thing? I don't know. I thought it was supposed to start at 8pm eastern. I didn't turn it on until about 9:45. But we got to enjoy that last little bit. It was pretty good. PLUS - Dr Tracy (don't know the last name) intern is a friend of was cool seeing her on TV this season - great job Emily Rose!

Did you watch it?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

I decided that I would give my kids a little taste of April Fools today. It was pretty funny. Once I got the ball rolling, the phrase of the days was "April Fools Mom!"

I told Silas he didn't have to get up because there was no school. He laid back down in true belief. I was kind of sad to make him really get up!

I colored everyone's cereal milk with food coloring. They LOVED it!

My dad called and disguised himself as the Easter Bunny. The kids thought it was really my mom. It was SO funny. Luke really thought the Easter Bunny was calling him!

Silas even pulled one over on Aunt Joy at the supper table. He fell off the bench and she thought he was really hurt.

I also was a part of a prank at the college with some girls who will remain anonymous until they are ready to reveal themselves. I have pictures and everything. It REALLY made me miss my roommate Jill. It was pretty funny!

What about you? Did you play any jokes on anyone or get one played on you?