Friday, June 18, 2010

Disney in a Day

We headed down to Orlando for the SBC 2010 and decided to take a day to hit Disney. It was a long, hot day. But we had a wonderful time! We met Jody's childhood friend, Martin, at Animal Kingdom as the park opened. He told us he had VIP seats for us to the Lion King Show!
We sat in the Lion section, and Silas, Hattie and Luke were chosen to participate in the show! Luke was a little uneasy. Millie Grace LOVED every second of the show too!
Afterwards we got to meet the cast! It was so cool. This was the highlight of our day!!
Hattie shared a silly band with one of the cast members.
Then on to some rides....
Luke didn't know he was not a fan of roller coasters.

Hot and tired! We did a LOT of walking!

Its a Small World was so relaxing!

Gotta pose at the castle!

Me and my Prince Charming!