Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cool Critters

Last week our church had a block party. It was amazing and free and fun! My dad, Joy, Jody and I volunteered and my mom brought the kids after Millie Grace's nap(I'm glad she volunteered to do that so we could help out with other stuff....she had the hardest job!). I took a break from face painting and enjoyed the Critter Keeper's talk about his exotic animals. He weaved the gospel into his talk beautifully. The kids LOVED it, and I did too! Here are some fun pics from my mom's camera!Silas was mesmerized!

Aunt Joy and Millie Grace
The bearded dragon right after he slurped up a grub!

Above, I don't know why we have those looks of amazement, but it must have been good! Below, the kids hold Julius Squeezer!
And this last one was the next day, ready for church. DD curled Hattie's hair, just like she used to do to me. Hattie has the same straight hair that doesn't hold that curl long too.

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