Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lessons:Tying Shoes and Driving Cars

I can't remember learning to tie my shoes.
I don't remember not knowing.
Do you?

I do remember my dad {trying} to teach me to drive a stick shift.
It didn't go well.
I believe he made me walk home...

We've been trying to teach Silas to tie his shoes...
for like a year now.
Yes. We are behind.
{I really hope Silas's K5 teachers do not read this post, since we were supposed to teach him last year}
No. We have
NOT been consistent.
Yes. Silas wears slip on and velcros mainly.

ironic thing is, unfortunately, I got my teaching skills from my dad.
{I think I got some good traits from him too!}
But when the "I know's" and "let me try's"
come out of my child's mouth
I get
I quit.

The good thing is,
my husband is a
very patient man,
a good teacher.
I think he will be doing the family
driver's ed too!


Holly Furtick said...

I remember learning how to tie my shoes. Dad taught me, I was sitting on the dryer in the garage. It is one of my earliest memories. He also taught me how to drive. He told me I could not use my left foot to press the brake.

GE is me said...


I am left handed & my girls are right handed. I remember my mom sitting in front of me & having me mirror her movements. When I tried this with my girls, eh, not so much. But I found a wonderful book @ our library & honestly, this is how both of my girls learned how to tie shoes.
Here's the title & author of the book.
Tie your shoes rocket style : opposites board game inside! / [written by Leslie Bockol ; illustrated by Linda Solovic].
Hope it helps~ 1 side teaches "rocket style" ~ how most adults tie their shoes. The other side teaches bunny ears.

ktbaggott said...

I teach my kindergarten students to tie their shoes every year. We have a shoe tying club. I have some ked-type shoes that I bought at the dollar tree. I spray painted them silver and then decorated them with fun glitter and puff paint. I took the shoe laces out and painted half of the lace blue and half of the lace red. When you lace the shoe back up you have blue in one hand and red in the other. The colors really help when you are explaining which lace to wrap around and which lace to pull through. It might be something new to try and Silas might have fun practicing on the "shiny shoes." Just a suggestion from someone who has taught many 5 year olds to tie their shoes and knows how frustrating it can be.