Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back to Normal

Sorry...its been so long!  I got a text from a friend saying something about it and I realized I have neglected my little blog!  Ha.

But I have to admit, I just have realized how much more important just staring at my sweet kids and playing with them is than other time-suckers.  Not that this blog is, because I do see this as a form of journaling.  I will be able to look back at these entries and remember a lot!

Silas had his last day of kindergarten on Thursday.  That means the summer schedule will be in full swing on Monday.  (Inspector Mom will be visiting each morning.  This is something Jody and I came up with.  I'm looking for a funny hat to use.  Then I will get in character and inspect their rooms each morning after breakfast.  HOPEFULLY this will help with starting the day in a home that isn't overrun with junk all over the place.  Who knows?? This may be a horrible idea!  I may borrow my mom's FLIP video camera and show you my inspection routine, I know you'll love that.)

Luke had a MELT-DOWN today because he couldn't play soccer with the big kids.  It KILLED him!  But I reminded him that there are no 2yr olds out there.  He stayed off the field as hard as it was for him.

Millie Grace is army crawling all over the place.  And I think she is going to eat us out of house and home!  She gets so mad when we sit down to eat and don't include her at the table AND feed her!

Although its not her favorite thing right now, Hattie is doing a great job playing soccer.  She is FAST.  

They all talk about Luke's near drowning.  Hattie, on her own, drew a morbid picture.  But I've heard that's good therapy.  Silas will say stuff to Luke about wearing floaties and not jumping in ever again.  Luke just keeps talking and asking questions.  Like, "what are lungs?" "what was the man's name who jumped in and saved me?" stuff like that.

So, that's a little catch up.  I'll post some new pix soon!  Maybe that video!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Emily for my Jennings fix. You know I was just messing with you when I texted you earlier, but thanks for updating. I miss not seeing you guys that often and this just keeps me a little closer to you all. Give my love to the family.


greta said...

love hearing from you.....and love hearing that Luke is okay. Praise God.

Jen said...

Hi there! You don't know me but I was directed to your blog through a lady named Georgia Reed. She said you were missionaries in Uganda at one time. We are missionaries in S. Africa but were in Uganda for a week last month. I love meeting people through blogger world with all the connections and everything!

Pegsy said...

Oh, PLEASE do a video of room inspection! That would be hilarious!