Monday, June 29, 2009


We had a WONDERFUL time at the beach in Delaware! The beach was great, the weather was perfect, the company (my aunt, uncle, grandmother and cousins in/and out) was fun...all around super time! Jody had a wedding in Bismarck, so while we waited for him to come back, we enjoyed the beach a few more days and then headed to the DC area. My aunt and uncle live there, and they took us to the National Zoo before picking up Jody, dropping my grandmother off at her house in Southwestern Virginia and zipping home. (We got in at 1:30 am)

We got back just in time for VBS at our church. Last night was the first night. Its going to be a long week, getting to bed late every night, I know. But the kids are having a great time. I am too!

Its HARD to believe June is on its way out. We still have several more FUN FUN things to do this summer! People to see and places to go.

Here are some fun pictures.
Silas and his favorite passtime: being in charge of the remote while enjoying TV time.

Lukey and his favorite passtime: harassing everyone and being a typical 2yr old.

Hattie Ruth and her favorite passtime: dressing up and looking pretty.

Mille Grace and her new favorite passtime: sitting at the table and acting like a starving baby bird.

Everyone at the zoo. My uncle Pancho, Aunt Melanie (my mom's sister) and Nana (my mom's mom) with the kids. Notice the Terrible Two-Year Old!


Pegsy said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time away! There's nothing like a vacation at the beach with perfect weather! I love the pictures! Millie is getting so grown up looking all of a sudden! All your kids are beautiful - you are very blessed.

Did you see my comment about the award I gave you on my blog? Come by and pick it up when you have a chance. If you click directly on the award icon, you can copy it to your computer and then re-post it to your blog.

Tasha Via said...

I told Areyna about Hattie Ruth's favorite past-time and she said, maybe I can wear a princess dress for her tomorrow=) I think she's excited for a dress-up buddy!

jerry.jennings said...

Tell Silas when I come to see him, I'll control the remote, and tell Luke he can't point fingers at us. (unless they want to) But Hattie can still dress up, and Millie Grace, should never change. She's a sweetie. Sounds like you had a great time.( in the North) Hope to see you guys soon. PS Stay cool. There has been several cases of heat stroke here in middle Ga. One guy died on his roof while working. Another one just made it off a roof, before passing out. (he survived) A lady that goes to our church had one last Saturday also. Don't stay outside too long now. My tomatoes are coming in now. We're having "mater sandwiches" regularly. ha ha
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