Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

I decided that I would give my kids a little taste of April Fools today. It was pretty funny. Once I got the ball rolling, the phrase of the days was "April Fools Mom!"

I told Silas he didn't have to get up because there was no school. He laid back down in true belief. I was kind of sad to make him really get up!

I colored everyone's cereal milk with food coloring. They LOVED it!

My dad called and disguised himself as the Easter Bunny. The kids thought it was really my mom. It was SO funny. Luke really thought the Easter Bunny was calling him!

Silas even pulled one over on Aunt Joy at the supper table. He fell off the bench and she thought he was really hurt.

I also was a part of a prank at the college with some girls who will remain anonymous until they are ready to reveal themselves. I have pictures and everything. It REALLY made me miss my roommate Jill. It was pretty funny!

What about you? Did you play any jokes on anyone or get one played on you?


Stacy said...

Believe it or not there was no April Fooling here today! I do know that last year after they learned what April Fool's was, EVERYTHING was April Fool's!

Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

I told Carter he didn't have to do school work today.. he was bummed when I said April Fools... then that was all I heard all day. Luckly he just thought it was in telling jokes not.. doing jokes!

Anonymous said...

I miss you too roomie!! I wish I knew what you were talking about? Does it involve moving cars?


Jerre said...

So I forgot to tell you this, but yesterday morning at 7:20 Tanner came into my bedroom. (I was still bed) He said "Mom is this some kind of bad April Fool's joke?" We had overslept. I am supposed to be at work at 7:20, Avery's bell rings at 7:45, little kids bus comes at 7:40. Somehow my alarm didn't go off. We ran around like crazy people, I took Avery to school, little kids got on the bus but had to eat b'fast at school, And I was at work by 8:30. No April Fools really happened!

Pegsy said...

I didn't even mention April Fool's at my house this year! Wasn't sure I was in the mood...! The best April Fool's joke I ever did was to tell my mom she had a run in her pantyhose (April 1 was a Sunday) as we were walking into church. She freaked out and was frantically searching for it when I announced, "April Fool's!" I really had her!!