Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I think I'm back!

You know that Johnny Cash song, I've Been Everywhere?? I wish I could (or would???) make up my own Jennings' version to tell you about our summer! But we are HOME.

We've driven with the kids to Delaware (Rhehoabeth Beach)and back, Wilmington, NC and back, Roanoke/Salem, VA and back, Buchanan, MI and back and Charlotte and back (in one afternoon for Elijah's bday). We need to go to visit the family in Georgia (I KNOW!)...but I can't put the kids back in the car just yet, or myself for that matter. Although they are amazing travelers and we had a great time! Even with more frequent stops than we are used to because Luke is actually potty training!

Some of our highlights include:
  • The Creation Museum - near Cincinatti
  • Hanging out with extended family, great friends
  • Fun at Family Camp
  • The Beach (Hattie especially!)
  • Camping in the pop-up
I think that is over 70 hours in the car! Who knows how many hours of Adventures in Odesseys, Movies, Travel Bingo, and sleeping...only God know how many times I said, "its time to BE QUIET NOW!!!"

I have TONS of good pictures to share, but the camera battery is dead right now. I have been unpacking today and yesterday, on top of trying to clean up and get other stuff put away and semi-organized.

I cannot believe:
  • that school starts for Silas so soon
  • Jody will be 32 on Monday.
  • Millie Grace is pulling up to stand. (She looks TOO little to be able to do this)
More to come, I promise!


Kelly M. Parkison said...

Glad you're back!!!

jerry.jennings said...

WOW! What an afternoon!!!! How did you get 70 hours into ONE afternoon??? (Just kidding! I know you meant the trip to Charlotte!) Please don't rest too long before you head down to Middle Georgia!! We love you all and miss you sooooo much!!! JUDI