Friday, December 11, 2009

Natual Remedies

I know its been a long time!!! Our internet connection has been very fickle AND I had sinus surgery that has left me very tired and not too interested in blogging of late! But I have some opinions to share...

There are 3 things that we have been using in our family that I want to tell you about! I say "our family" loosely. Jody, my husband, thinks I'm a little nutty and hasn't really bought into this like I have. AND I'm NOT saying that I'm in any way against doctors and modern medicines. But if there's a natural way that can help and possible save money...

1. The Neti Pot. I will admit...its SO weird. I saw it on Oprah one time a long time ago. I thought its was strange. I've always used the bulb syringe to irrigate the sinuses. But the Neti Pot is WAY better. It doesn't hurt. It doesnt even feel uncomfortable. Its really helping me recover from this sinus surgery since I can't blow my nose! Its also said to prevent sinus infections and colds if used regularly. I LOVE this thing! I have only been using the CVS cheap one for about 1.5 years. I may have to upgrade to a ceramic one soon!!

2. Olive Leaf Extract. My friend Loni told me about this natural remedy for bacterial infections. Its like a natural antibiotic. It tastes very funny. But it works! The other day Luke's throat was hurting. His glands were very swollen, he had a fever and I was afraid he had strep again. I gave him the Olive Leaf Extract 4days in a row and he seems all better. Today I gave him the last dose and he said why are giving my this, my throat is all better.

3. Amber Beads and Hazelwood. I saw these necklaces on another blog and I thought I'd try them. Amber is supposed help with pain, inflammation, immunity. Hazelwood is good for sinuses, arthritis, ear infections, skin problems, headaches...The biggest proof I have that this really works is Silas. He has had terrible allergies this year. Sneezing and terrible stuffiness especially at night and when he wakes up. I've been giving him Zyrtec everyday until I got him an amber necklace. No lie, as long as he is wearing the necklace, his symptoms are almost gone. We have not been using Zyrtec. If he forgets to put it on after bathing, the next morning he is sneezing and blowing his nose like crazy again. I got them here. I'm totally sold on them!

So, that's that. Love to hear what you think!


The Reeds said...

I've never heard of this (other than the Neti pot). I did have a run in with a remedy the to other day though

(don't know how to ink on comments).

I tried the neti pot ONCE and got a bad sinus infection and ear infection right after.. I stashed that little sucker away and won't touch it now... I'm scarred.

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Sheri said...

Totally agree on the neti pot. It took me a while to get used to, I won't lie. But now it's easy and if I do it regularly my sinuses stay nice and clean.
I do have a friend who has not been so lucky, she had a ct scan and is going in for balloon sinuplasty next week. yes, right before Christmas - :(
No fun for her.

Angela De Souza said...

The beads sound very interesting, going to get my daughter to give it a try. Thanks great tips :)