Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jennings Summer 2010 Top Ten

Here are some of the memories I will take away from this summer:

10. Borrowing a cell phone from a military dad at Cinderella's castle in order to find the rest of my family who happened to have my cell phone. Yeah, I was pretty unhappy when we were reunited!

9. Leading my laid back Jennings family in true Boitnott (my maiden name, for those of you who don't know that) style thru 3 major parks (Sand Dunes St Park, Mammoth Caves National Park and Smokey Mt National Park) in 3 days.

8. Millie Grace (in that 18month range this summer) keeping some type of scab on her body in plain sight.

7. Watching Silas (7) become immersed into some really cool books. Count of Monte Cristo, Little House on the Prairie, A Home for Barkley...and others.

6. Dog. I said we weren't ready. I didn't think we could handle one. Then my husband fell in love with Sage.

5. The last summer I believe it will ever be possible to get all 4 of my kids to take a nap simultaneously. It happened 3 times this summer! A shear miracle!!!

4. Swimming with my family, remembering the near death experience just a year earlier involving Luke. Rather than live in fear, we swam and swam and learned and learned....very carefully.

3. Family Camp in Michigan. A new Jennings family tradition. Next year we will be there with both my parents, my inlaws, and Jody's sister's family! Looking forward to it already!

2. Becoming creative in what to do with the pages and pages and pages of Hattie's very cute drawings and poems.

1. Celebrating 10 years of marriage to my super husband. We enjoyed lots of conversations this summer reminiscing the many adventures we have had together. Seminary, Uganda, North Dakota, the Carolinas....our children and how we can't imagine life without each one of them. The Lord has really blessed us!

Hope you all had a great summer too! Here's to a great school year! We are praying for new relationships, good character development and lots of fun!!


Tasha Via said...

Now, bring on the FALL!!!!

dd grama said...

What a fun summer. The Jennings are a blessed family. And fall will bring more top tens in November. dd

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