Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Luke

In honor of Luke's 4th Birthday here are some things you need to know about Luke.

10. He is a family snob. He LOVES his siblings. He prefers his family to other people, everytime.

9. I prayed specifically for a blue-eyed baby, and he has the most beautiful, big blue eyes!

8. He never runs out of things to say. Ever.

7. He is our funny guy. He makes you laugh without even trying.

6. In general (with exceptions like this week when he bit his cousin!!!) he is a real peacemaker. He is very giving because he wants others to be happy.

5. He hates Michael Jackson, thanks to Aunt Holly. He believe Michael Jackson exists to make people afraid of the dark.

4. He is very good with names. He likes to "trick" people and call them the wrong names. But he knows peoples first and last names very well. What a gift!

3. His favorite color is blue.

2. He is on his OWN timetable. No amount of "hurry-ups" will make him get his shoes on faster. I used to be a very punctual person before Luke was born into our family. He has put a kink in my style!

1. After his near drowning last year, we feel extremely blessed to have this little ball of energy in our family. We believe that God will use him in special ways throughout his life.

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Kamal Rambo said...

Lovely kids u have.. :)