Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Lazy Day ---Mommy Style

If you would have told me
that sleeping in
I don't think I would have signed up.
If I would have thought
that reading the same paragraph
too many times to count
would be my idea of
reading a book
I'd stick to Readers Digest.
If I would have known that
I would feel like a GIANT
everytime I left the room
and the little paper clips
were living and breathing
well....I wouldn't know what to even
This mommy business is hard work!
Its tiring.
There are no days off.
There are few uninterupted moments.
But there are a lot of hugs.
There are really fun times.
Saturdays may not consist of
sleeping in
watching what I'd like to watch on TV
reading a book I'm dying to read.
It may be more like
squishing on the couch
excessively drinking chocolate milk
and picking up numerous books
and toys.
I'm glad I didn't know about what kind of
Saturdays I'd be experiencing in 2010....
I might have missed them!

1 comment:

The Reeds said...

I don't have kids- but this is awesome! I'm glad I don't know what's in store, or I would selfishly not sign up... Great post!

BTW- I was already back stateside when I got your message. Sorry! I have a website that those very women (widows mainly) in KLA are selling from. I'll try to post about it (It's taking me forever to get there!)