Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Closing on the House

We are so excited. Tomorrow at 2pm, we are closing on our house. Yay. Finally.

We will have 2 weeks to get moved over from the apartment before we leave for our vacation to visit our family in SC and GA. That seems like a lot, but if you know me, you will be worried. I am a terrible mover/packer.

My roommate Jill, sister Holly and my mom, oh, and Jody, can attest to this more than any others. I kind of get paralyzed when I see all I have to do. I hoping to do a bunch of laundry basket trips. I don't know. Pray for me.

Silas is growing some flowers in a styrofoam cup. He planted them at school and has been monitoring their growth. There are 3 little sprouts. Or there were 3 little sprouts this morning. Silas and Hattie were looking at them at the table while I was making breakfast. Then Silas burst into tears. When I looked over, Hattie was staring at a crying Silas totally confused. In her hand was a little sprout she had plucked out of the cup. She thought she had done something funny, and Silas was devastated. He finally got over it and we are just going to watch the 2 sprouts now.

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elliesmommy said...

Congrats on the house! I know how excited you must be! We finally bought one and close May 31. Send pictures once you get settled.