Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Coming up for air

First of all, I HATE that I haven' t blogged for like 2 weeks. I miss it! I love blogging. But I feel like I shouldn't even be sitting here at the computer right now, there is SO much to be done.

I did sit down at the computer one other time several days ago, Friday I think it was. I had a nice entry typed out and somehow I lost it. I decided I didn't have time to fool with it.

My last 2 weeks have been spent moving stuff from the apartment to the house. Trying to get it organized in the house before bringing more stuff in has been my goal. The stuff caught up with me, but it is just waiting in the garage.

The kids have been pretty good thru the whole process. We all love the new house.

Here are some things that have happened:

Luke figured out how to climb. He climbed UP on a stool and proceede to pull things off an end table. Then, thinking he was safe at the bottom of the stairs, I left him only to find he had climbed to the TOP of the stairs!! I couldn't believe it.

Hattie is attached to this little bear (a McDonald's toy from this summer). Her name is Carmen and she goes everywhere. Everytime Hattie wakes up, she comes to me and says, I sleep a yittle bit. And she is enjoying being the little mommy to Silas and Luke. She reminds Silas, Yukey just a baby, Bubby.

Silas had his final speech session yesterday and the therapist was thrilled with his progress. Silas must be going thru a growth spurt because he's eating like a champ. He's asking for seconds! And Silas asks every morning if it is time to visit his family. (We are headed to the Carolinas and Georgia on Friday).

A huge shout out to my friend Stacy for helping me refocus at the apartment last week. I needed it. And to my friend Lisa for watching all 3 kids TWICE for us while we have been moving. Thanks to Ben and Ryan for helping Jody with the BIG stuff. Its been a long couple of weeks. Moving with 3 kids while Jody still works has been very hard. But last night I cleaned and scoured (sp?? The spell check isn't working on the computer I'm using) the apartment. I'm ready to turn those keys in and concentrate on packing for our trip and continue organizing here.

I have TONS more I could say. Hopefully I'll find time to blog better soon.


Jen said...

glad you're getting moved. enjoy your trip to SC/GA. i wish i was going back to SC! i've gotta figure out how i can get back there this summer.

Karen said...

It's great to hear how the move went/ is going. I can't blame you for not having time to blog... Enjoy the "break" coming up! Hopefully it will be warm!