Tuesday, May 29, 2007

On the MEND

This bug that we have contracted and passed on is really unbelievable. When you are sick with it, you are out of it.

Yesterday afternoon, of the 12 people in the house, EVERY ONE of them was asleep. At one point, I went around and checked everyone, and then I just said, heck with it, I'll just take a nap too. Jody's mom and grandmother stayed in the bed all day. "The Cousins" (as Silas refers to them all as) were laid up different places around the house. Jody's dad was in his bed. Jody's sister, Jerre was on the couch. My kids all fell asleep for their regular naps. (silas gave up naps this past fall, but has re-instated them as of this vacation). It was like an infirmary or something.

But then, 24 hrs later, they are all up and around. All "the cousins" went to school and those that had to be at work went. Go figure.

To change the subject (and I think I'm done blogging about the plague)...I am working on a scrapbook for my mom and mother-in-law. I copied all the pics I wanted to a CD. Jody took them to Walmart and I hated the quality of the prints he brought back. They were grainy, dark and just not sharp like they look on the computer. I returned them and decided to do them online.
Winkflash.com has a 6cent deal going on right now. But when I uploaded my files, there was a disclaimer that my prints may be low-quality b/c of the size of the file. Does anyone know what that means? HELP. Does that mean I have my camera on some setting that will never let me print good quality prints? What should I do?? I"m really worked up about this, I welcome any advice.


Scott said...

Just FYI, the 6 cent/print deal at Winkflash.com is not valid with their 99 cent shipping. So, be careful when you order prints, as the shipping and handling fee may end up costing you more than paying their regular 12 cent fee, with 99 cent shipping. Just thought you would want to know! Hope everyone stays well and you have a great rest of your trip! I miss you guys and wish you'd get back to ND! :-) Stacy

Jen said...

i've ordered prints from winkflash and haven't had problems with the quality of my pictures and i've had that same message show up on some of my pictures. winkflash will auto crop your pictures so be careful about that. on the menu of my camera, i can choose a picture quality setting and just leave mine on best. hope you're enjoying your vacation!

Meeks said...

Hey Emily!
Heather and I use snapfish.com and have always received great pics. Maybe check them out. Tell Jody I said hi.