Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back on Line!!!!!

Oh my gosh, I feel SOOOOOOOOOO relieved. When I got home I had internet! I feel so much closer to all of you now.

I don't know, I guess without the internet I did get a lot of things done. Maybe I should make myself fast from the internet every once in a while. My house is actually vacuumed and my closet is clean and organized...well my half it. I'm leaving Jody to his half. I'm also halfway through a book. Hmmmm...I think I waste too much time online come to think of it.

Jody's mom left today. She was very helpful to have around. The kids LOVED it. She sits on the floor and plays with them, reads the pokemon encyclopedia type book Silas LOVES and holds the baby all the time.

Millie is still doing fabulous. Luke was swinging a bike helmet around and it knocked Millie in the head and she didn't even get mad. She's SO sweet. My only complaint about her is that she poops too much and has started spitting up predictably. But hey, she sleeps like 5 hours at night and I'm usually the one waking her up because I want to feed her.

Silas had his school Christmas program. Sorry, no pix. I forgot the camera (but I remembered all the kids, so I deserve some credit, right?). We took a picture with my mom's phone, if it turned out decent I'll post it. The program was adorable!! I love our little school, Tigerville Elementary!

So, that's what's been going on here. How's you week? Are you done shopping?


Pegsy said...

I'm doing great today! My in-law's watched the kids all afternoon so I could finish shopping! They washed my floors and cleaned a bathroom and made supper too! Now I only need to get a couple more things for Joshua...

Did you read my post where I forgot the camera for our kids' piano recital this year? So, you're not alone! You definitely deserve credit for remembering all the kids! :-)

Oh, and I waste too much time on the computer too. I've thought about fasting, but then never do it... We should do it together one day a week or something!

Shaunna said...

No shopping done, and surgery for a kidney stone tomorrow--oh boy.

Morgan said...

You are super mom. I read your blogs and am in awe of how great you are with your kids. Awesome!