Monday, December 22, 2008

He's Home

To my great relief, Jody is home from Uganda. He has been gone 11 days. I have to say I did MUCH better than I expected myself to do. I thought I'd be positively crazy with 4 kids ages 5 1/2 and under. But I only felt like I was losing it last night. So, I see that maybe 9 days are my happy limit.

Jody had a great trip. He and my dad led a team to the town where we used to live, Hoima. Jody LOVED reconnecting with his friends there.

After naptime we piled in the car and headed to the airport to pick him up. Of course it was a huge toss up as to what was the best part, riding up and down the escalator or having daddy back. Jody couldn't believe how big Millie is. He said, "I'm missed 1/4 of her life!" (She did weigh 9.5 lbs at her check up)

I made chicken soup for supper and it hit the spot! Jody was really tired of beans and rice, so he really enjoyed it.

Now to get Jody over jetlag before Christmas!


greta said...

So glad he is home and home in time for Christmas! You are a GOOD happy limit is like 2 days without my husband and his help! HA!

Pegsy said...

Escalators are most definitely very exciting inventions! :-) My kids are the same way! So glad that Jody made it home safely for Christmas. Enjoy your time as a family!

P.S. We got your Christmas card picture yesterday! Thanks so much! Sara said Millie was so cute. It's now up on our fridge!

jerry.jennings said...

The worst part of the trip was the plane ride back home. My back hurt, I couldn't sleep (too cramped up beside folks on the plane, needed to go to the restroom a lot (too many beans and rice) and someone was always using it, and I was having to say goodbye to all those folks I had met on the trip. (probably forever on earth) But I still enjoyed my time there, and all the pictures of there are on my screensaver. So I'm reminded every day of how blessed we are here in America. (in spite of the economy) See you guys soon. Pop Pop Jerry

GE is me said...

Emily, glad Jody made it home safely & for CHRISTmas, as well. Hope y'all had a blessed Christmas.