Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tons of Overdue Pics

Four generations of women.
My mom, her mom and the kids.

Holly and I with our kids and Grama B (my dad's mom)

Christmas Eve pose.
My parents and my kids.
Look how Millie Grace is growing!

Hattie and her new doll, Dorothy.

Silas and his skateboard, which surprisingly, he is pretty good on!

Luke and his first bike.

I thought this one was cute. Silas gave Hattie a doll and she was telling him that she knew that's what he was going to give her.


Jody spoke at a local church the Sunday after Christmas and did a FINE job!

Me and my little sisters.

Jody and his brother in law, Roman, playing hit the other guy with the glow stick as hard as you can. It was pretty funny.

She is SO cute, right?

The boy cousins in Georgia.

Our "Kids New Year" celebration at 8pm!

Happy NEW YEAR!!

We have had a wonderful Christmas season. We got to see most of our family. The Lord has really blessed us this year. As we were putting the kids to bed we were talking about some of those blessings. Millie Grace, a smooth transition to South Carolina, fun birthdays, camping, and more. We prayed, thanking God for 2008 and praying for a great 2009. It was neat to be able to talk about the year with our kids and together to think of some expectations for the next year.


Erin said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas -- hope you have an awesome New Year's! :)

Dave and Amy Carroll said...

the bakugan pic makes me laugh! he's holding them right and everything!!!! ha. hope you had a great time with family. i think dave's parents are in south carolina right now or will be there soon. wish we were there to see you guys too!

Tasha Via said...

Aw, the pictures are great! Happy New Year=)