Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Weekend

The Goings On at the Jennings Home

  • Tonight I stopped the kids just in time from brushing their teeth with some "new" was Neosporin!
  • Hattie was in the Greer Christmas Parade today with her Dance troop. She was so proud of herself and so adorable!
  • Because of everyone's stellar behavior we decided to treat ourselves to icecream. We were talking about what we were going to get on the way and I said you could get your own kiddie cup. Luke said he didn't want a kiddie cup he wanted a puppy cup. Silas, like my mother, had to sample like 5 different choices before deciding on one.
  • Jody is becoming a pro at building a wonderful, blazing fire in our fireplace. We sure are going to miss the fires while Jody is gone. He's going to Uganda with my dad and 20 other NGU student on Thursday. Of course we will miss Jody more than the fires!
  • Everytime I hold Millie Grace I think, how did I feel like our family was complete before we had her? It amazing the love that is immediately there for a baby that you didn't know a month ago. Millie is such a sweet baby!
  • I have lots of new pics to post, and Jody is working on our family Christmas photo.


Stacy said...

How long is Jody going to be in Uganda? You are going to need a vacation when he gets back! (I'll clear all of my crap off the guest bed if you wanna come north! :-)) I wish him safe travels and you much peace!

Pegsy said...

Ha! I love it...a "puppy cup!" That is too cute! And the new "toothpaste!" That's something my Sara would try to do!

Tasha Via said...

That is so funny, "a puppy cup", ha! Can't wait to see pictures!!!