Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A few more pix from the Tea Party

Suddenly, when we were getting ready to fix plates, I realized I forgot CANDLES! Aaaah! (big shocker, I know! I have become VERY forgetful lately). Renee Wooten, our youth pastor's wife, came up with a suggestion. Roll some paper towels up and light the top of them. My mom said, "Spoken like a youth pastor's wife!!" Then, as if a light bulb turned on, my mom remembered she happened to have some birthday candles in her purse...AND MATCHES! Ha! (I get the forgetfulness thing honest, it seems!) So DD saved the party with her magic purse!

This was our attempt at getting the whole gang together.

This is my other nephew, Captian Elijah. How do you like his costume for the tea party??

And one more of the cupcakes. Mmmmmmmm!

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Pegsy said...

Loved all the pics from Hattie's birthday tea party! What a great idea! Those cupcakes are incredible! Who made them? Did you order them? That's too funny about your mom having candles and matches in her purse! My purse is obviously under-stocked - I usually don't even have a pen in there when I need one! lol