Saturday, March 7, 2009

Working Woman

Its official...I'm a working woman. I have become a Creative Memories independent consultant. I've tossed this around since before I was married. I've gone back and forth on the pros and cons and finally just bit the bullet. I decided to give it a go...a good one.

I know what you may be thinking. You have 4 kids, how do you find the time? But wouldn't you agree that we find time for what we want to? Also, I feel that preserving my family's memories is crucial and I want to share it with everyone.

I LOVE creative memories products, always have. Now with the digital software, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. I personally think everyone should invest in their photos. You don't have to be creative at all, just willing to do something!

Did you know that back before we all went to digital cameras, we processed 80% of our pictures. Now we all just store them on the computer and only 20% are printed! Granted I know I take tons more now that I can. But still, what do you do with yours? What kind of program do you use to store them?

I'd LOVE to share my products with you. Check out my website here.


Stacy said...

You'll do great, I just know it!

sharpwmu said...

I can't wait to have my party!! working on my guest list right now!!

Tasha Via said...

Emily, that's exciting. You're gonna do so good. You inspired me to start scrapbooking and now, although I feel like I can't ever keep up, I can't get enough=) Congrats working worman!

Mylinda said...

Hey Emily! Well, I actually use CM products. I have 8 family albums, 1 wedding album, 1 extended family album, 1 album per boy (so far), and 3 albums per girl (so far). I started scrapbooking during the summer of
'95 and love doing it, unfortunately I don't have enough time. I try desperately to keep my family album updated, then use it as a reference for the kids' albums. As for pix, I use the CM Memory Manager software to keep them organized and edited. It's wonderful! I back them up frequently onto flash drives, and print about $10 or so worth of pix each week, as often as possible. Once printed I keep them in the big black organizer box (forgot the official name of it). I just wish I could keep up with my album. Seems that I can only crop during summer, Christmas, and Spring breaks, along with occasional forays in the fall while Nicky's hunting on weekends. It's never enough, is it?? I get caught up to being only a year or so behind, then by the time I get to crop again, I'm now 2 years behind!! Argh!! I just keep the kids' memoralbilia in boxes, organized, until I can get to their albums someday. It's hard when you can't keep the stuff out and available, and since we have only one dining table, that we use for EVERYTHING, I can't keep it constantly set up, so it's really a never-ending battle! lol Sorry for babbling, but don't ever get me started on scrapbooking or CM! lol I even convinced a lady who never scrapbooked at all that CM was the best/only way to go and she became a consultant!! lol Have fun with your business and I know you'll be great!! :-)

Pegsy said...

Oh, I'm sooo bad about printing pictures! I haven't printed ANY for about 3 years - seriously! So, now I keep putting it off because it's going to be very expensive to print what I want... I love making and looking at albums, but haven't done that for so long. Thanks for the inspiration!