Monday, March 9, 2009

Tea Party

The Big (not really) 4 yr old

Playing Hot Potato

"These cupcakes are FABULOUS!"

Live music and all! DD (my mom) played for musical chairs and Happy Birthday!!

This is all Aunt Joy (my sister) wanted to do...hold Millie!

My sweet nephew, Graham.

Is anyone else having a hard time loading pictures on blogger? On my composition I can't see the pictures, just a bunch of codes. HELP! ****Addendum: Thank you Rita. You are a gem among the blogosphere!****

I can't put a captions on each because I can't see where one starts and another begins. But these are pix from Hattie's birthday tea party. It was SO fun! Check out the AMAZING cupcakes I DID NOT make!


Stacy said...

Oh my gosh those cupcakes are SO CUTE! Are they in a tea cup or are they made to look like tea cups? Who made them? I'd like to see more pics of them if you have any. I'm quite sure I could do it if I had some instructions! Man, those are so cute!

Stacy said...

After I click on them to make it a little bigger, it almost looks like like the teacups are made out of ice cream?

Rita said...

About putting the pictures in, when you're on the "Edit" page, at the top there are two tabs: Compose & Edit HTML. If you click on Compose, you should see the images instead of the code.

Hope that helps!

Those cupcakes are way cute!!

sharpwmu said...

I promise to try to get the pictures to you faster than the parade =)

Tasha Via said...

You have to choose "Compose" not "Edit". You are just looking at a bunch of HTML codes for the pictures=)

Anyway, your teacup cupcakes are BEAUTIFUL!!!! You had an AWESOME party=) Good job!

J.E. said...

I loved that your mom played the piano for musical chairs. Sometimes in the past when I have had trouble loading pics, my web browser needed an update. You might check that.

Sarah M. said...

Happy Birthday Hattie!!