Thursday, May 14, 2009


We've always had them. We've always hated them. I mean, really, who enjoys chores?? (Don't answer that if you actually do like them, please) The word is awful even! Here's a few I've been thinking about today...

The Bathroom: little boys + toilet seats= nasty, never clean

The Laundry: Absolutely NEVER done! As soon as they are all washed the bin begins to fill. There are always dirty ones to wash, clean ones to put away and seasonal ones to switch out!

The Kitchen: Again, endless. One meal is over and its practically time to start again. The dishwasher is always in need of attention, the floor always need sweeping/mopping. (if it is clean I panic if anyone steps on it!)

Picking up: What do I even say? I get so mad when I walk in and there are toys and books on the floor. I find myself thinking (and even saying) that we are NEVER giving these children anymore presents, ever.


jerry.jennings said...

At least you got a chance to ride on the bike. (you probably forgot about the chores at that time) And, anyway, Granny says you never do anything anyway, right? Jody (pet) does it all. Well, Pop Pop knows better anyway. I'm glad we have our wives. (Jody,Roman, and me) You're doing a great job. The kids will be grown before you know it. But you'll always have dirt on the floor. We husbands are really the culprits. ha ha Tell Jody hey, and give the 4 little ones a hug from pop pop.

Mylinda said...

That's one thing I like about mowing the lawn. When you do it, it actually stays done for a few days. I can drive to the store and upon my return there it is: a beautiful, trim lawn. Ahhh.

Pegsy said...

I'm so with you on these chore sentiments!! LOL I do same panic thing when the floor is finally clean! And I'm up to my eyeballs in laundry again after a very busy, dirty weekend! Sigh! It's Monday and I'm feelin' it!