Friday, May 22, 2009

New Products

I've had the opportunity to try out a few new things lately (for FREE I might add!).

First of all, I was shocked to find a box for me in my mail box a few weeks ago. It had a stick of Dove Visibly Smooth deodorant in it with a bunch of coupons to share. I don't think I signed up to receive this! I certainly didn't pay for it. But I'm not complaining. I love Dove deodorant. This new product is supposed to reduce the underarm hair over time with use. We'll see how it works, but if you'd like a coupon, let me know! (I have no idea how much it is in the store)

Then my friend Megan also gave me a little bag of samples from a party she had. There was a Venus Breeze razor in it. Oh my gosh! Its AMAZING! No soap, no shaving cream. Its on either side of the blades and it works great! I don't have coupons to share for that one, but I can tell you its awesome.

Has anyone else tried any new product lately you'd care to share about?

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