Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Run-down

We had such a wonderful weekend!

Friday we had FAMILY MOVIE night. I don't know why but my kids LOVE when the words, "Family movie night" come out of my mouth!

Saturday we had our first soccer game. Jody is coaching Silas and Hattie and 7 other kids. It was great! Hattie kept up with the ball the whole time, pearls and all. Silas scored 3 goals. Luke stayed off the field the whole time, except once. My 95 year old grama held Millie. I got a sore throat from cheering so much. It was GREAT!

Then in the afternoon, Hattie and I had a date to Cinderella at the Peace Center. It was so wonderful. Hattie LOVED it. I did too! Prince Charming was an NGU grad and one of the stepsisters was an old friend of mine. We got to meet them after the show. So fun!

Then we had a little cook out with some of the college students. The park ranger busted up our party a little sooner than we were expecting, but it was great!

Today we had a wonderful Sunday. Church was awesome! Hanging out with my parents and grama is always fun. Last night of AWANA, which means a party for the kids.

Everyone went to bed exhausted and happy tonight!


Tasha Via said...

What church do ya'll go to now?

Stephen and Tara said...

So sweet. You guys are great parents.

Pegsy said...

Whew! What a weekend! It's nice when all goes according to plan, eh?! Those are great pictures from Cinderella! Sara would have LOVED that!