Friday, September 11, 2009

Pa and the Big Fish

Look how proud my dad is of his fish!!! I'm so proud of my dad! He is SO funny. There are kids at our church still talking about the "scary Roman guard" from VBS because when he does something, he goes all out! The grandkids call him Pa. He rides a Harley. He's a die hard University of Miami fan. He loves God. He loves his family. He's very generous. He doesn't care about what people think about him. He'll wear anything (he wore this t-shirt that said, "I'm so bad I vacation in Detroit" for the longest time). Gosh, I love this guy!!

I pray my kids grow up and follow in his footsteps of Faithfulness to Jesus and doing whatever it takes!
This is a picture taken in Hawkinsville over Labor Day. Its pretty rare to get all four kids sitting in one place without anyone crying!!


Shaleen said...

what kind of fish is that? It is BIG - must have been fun to catch!

jjblanton said...

Wow!! I had no clue you had four kids!! THat is awesome.
I only knew you had one or maybe two when in Uganda. Guess I haven't checked your blog in a long time. Great to see how God has blessed you. Do you think you will ever go back overseas?

Pegsy said...

Awww, I miss your dad so much! Love that picture! I can totally see him strutting around, talking about the big catch!