Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Eyes Have It

We are truly truly blessed to have been able to celebrate Luke's 3rd birthday this year. After our accident back in May with Luke nearly drowning, this could have been a season I wanted to skip from now on. But, Luke is FULL OF LIFE. He is FUNNY and entertaining and the life of our Jennings Party for sure! He wanted an "eyeball" party so we tried to be creative! We played eye-eye-ball (just like duck-duck-goose) and I-spy. We made an eyeball with model magic. And we had delicious cupcakes, made by my friend Lisa, decorated like eyeballs. Googly eyes, blinking eyes, and window static eyes decorated the tables...I think Luke loved it. I know he did because he said that next year he wants an eyeball party again! Ha!! Here are some fun pictures from the party. I'll post more on facebook later.
I think Luke was trying to see with his model magic eye here.

Silas and the cupcake eyes

Hattie meticulously worked on her project.

Millie Grace wondering what all the fuss is about!

Eye Eye Ball Game

Silly Pa!


Tasha Via said...

An eyeball party...that is HILARIOUS! Now, that's a new one! Love those eyeball cupcakes. Very creative=)

Kathy - mom of many said...

Happy Birthday to Luke! Emily, I haven't mentioned it, but there is a friend of mine whose son, Luke, also drowned, but was revived. He made a full recovery.


I don't know if she's written a detailed account, but he was in a salt-water pool and his recovery has been attributed to that. Of course, God is the One who revived him for His glory.