Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saving on Haircuts

Well, it was just time! (this is not an opportunity for Amens from the Stephens...) Luke's hair just needed cutting. I debated on whether or not to take him somewhere or do it myself. If I took him somewhere I'd have to drive there and back at least 25 minutes or more each way and pay like $15 or more.

So I decided to try it. If it didn't work we could go to Jelly Beans or wherever later. I used to cut Silas's hair, but he could sit still. I told Luke if he sat still I would NOT cut his ear and I would give him a sucker. He did great. Cutting curly hair is easy. You can't really mess up since you don't have to have a straight line. Just cut here and there.

The end result...Jody came home and said, "Hey, Lukey, you got a haircut! I love it! Where did you go?" Lukey, "Da front porch!"

Since Jody shaves his in the shower, I don't get mine cut but every 6 months or so, Millie Grace doesn't have much hair yet, Hattie wants hers long, Silas likes his buzzed b/c I don't have to comb it...Luke has just helped us save some money on the Jennings family haircuts.


Tasha Via said...

Hey, you did good=) He is such a cutie!

We have yet to take the kids to get their hair done. Rainy likes hers long and I cut Zeke's and when I don't do Josh's he does his own. I don't get mine cut but like once a year or so...I know terrible...but my sister-in-law is a hairdresser and I don't see her that often;) I finally did get a haircut and highlights a couple of weeks ago and it feels SO good to have healthy hair again!

The Rogers said...

My college suitemate, Carolyn Versele has a salon in her backyard and she only lives 2 minutes from you!! Look her up at! (She cut Corrie's hair for $10)