Thursday, April 17, 2008

One Gorgeous Day

We went to church last night, so the kids got to bed a little later than usual. (Lights out are usually by 7:30, if not before) So everyone actually slept in a little bit too.

We woke up to beautiful weather! And the kids were raring to go. I mean, they were just filled with energy. So, after I had my second load of laundry going, we got in the car. I had a couple stops to make, but then went to Herdklotz park. Its a great park in Greenville.

Side note: We are friends with some of the Herdklotz. Check out Judith's blog. But I heard some ladies at the park saying, "Did you see the name of this park? What does that mean??"

So, the kids ran around and climbed up and down and by nap time, everyone was ready to rest. Whew. I LOVE that!

Now, one more thing. BIRDS.

For some reason my mom, my sister Holly and myself have this aversion to birds. I LOATH chickens. During or village stay in Kenya when Silas was about 7months old, our hosts' hen laid eggs on our little bed daily. Freaked me out.

My dad shot a turkey the other day and my mom could NOT let it go. Where is the carcase going to be discarded? Where are you going to clean it ? Am I going to see any feathers? Etc.

Holly discovered a dead baby bird had fallen out of her front door display this week. Steven found an entire nest of babies there.

Today, a bird flew right into our big living room window. Feathers flew everywhere. But its what's going on right now that making me nauseas...Jody's at the school, the kids are asleep and I hear birds making noises in the chimney. I'm so afraid they are going to fly in the house. I'm going to scream, wake up the kids and be terrified to come out u ntil Jody comes home. I'm not even going to enjoy TV for worrying about the dumb birds.

I guess the birds realized its spring now.

PS: As I've been sitting here worrying that birds were going to fly through the chimney and I was going to relive the movie THE BIRDS (which always freaked me out!), Jody came to my rescue. Just as he was on his way to go with a team to a homeless shelter in downtown Greenville (I think) he came and checked the flu. Its closed, and I am relieved!


Karen said...

When I was little I still remember a bird flying through our house! It few down our chimmney (the flu was open) and my mom had all the doors open until it found its way out!

Anonymous said...

Weird. Were you REALLY that scared? Weird.


Jerre said...

So the other day I walked outside to crank up my car,(it was about 35that morning) a mocking bird flew out of the bush next to the drive way. It scared me, so I was watching it fly away as I walked around to the car. Then all of sudden 2 more mocking birds came flying around the car, they were about knee level and flew about 3 inches from my legs. They almost ran right into me. It scared me to death! Anyway I hope your bird problems are over! Love ya

Scott said...


The birds are your friend. The deal is they are all twitterpated with making eggs that turn into baby birds right now. You should be able to relate;)

They won't hurt you I promise! And unfortunately, Jody is no danger to them with his gun either! Ha, you can tell him I said that!


Scott said...

You also need to change your weather thing to Tigerville.


Mylinda said...

If there's one thing I've learned about being a mom, it's that sooner or later I'll have to deal with things I'm not thrilled with, thanks to the children. Just this week, Savannah was given 2 baby chickens from her school for a veterinary class year-long project. She has to raise them and enter them into the fair next March for an extra credit grade. So right now there are two baby chicks in a giant dog kennel in my laundry room. Yuck! But, if I'm lucky, at least one will be a hen so we can at least get some eggs!! We'll see. This topic is on the list for next week for the blog! (You know it HAS to be; it's just too "not normal" to not be! lol)

April said...

When I saw what you wrote about birds in your chimney, I just had to let you know.... When I was 11, we had birds (chimney swifts, I believe they are called)in our chimney. They never got in the house because of course the flue was closed. But, a well known predator of the birds did get in our house. A copperhead! Talk about freaking out our entire family! My dad has a major phobia of snakes and blames it on the first time seeing "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" But, who else was going to dispose of this poisonous creature? Well, all was taken care of, but the first thing the next morning, we had a chimney sweep come out and put a screen over the opening of our chimney to keep the birds and their worst enemy out! So, a word to the wise, you might want to get a screen for your chimney, snakes can get in the tightest places, and chimney swifts are a delicacy to them!

Peggy said...

This post had me laughing so hard! You are just constant entertainment! I can totally see you running around the house screaming and waking up the kids! I would do the exact same thing! I'm not one of those moms who can remain calm in any situation just for the sake of the children! What you see is what you get with this momma!

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