Monday, April 7, 2008

Our day

Hattie woke up and immediately changed from her pajamas to her Cinderella dress and new Snow White crown. She is obsessed, rarely seen without her crown.

A big cockroach showed up in our doorway. My kids have never seen cockroaches, so they were mesmerized. I spoiled the party when I smashed it with a shoe. Silas was VERY upset with me. But I told him we were not taking care of roaches!

Luke completely unrolled a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom and when I reacted, he said, "Wha happen mama?" You know what I did? I re-rolled the toilet paper back on the thing. As I was doing that, I was laughing that I was saving a roll of toilet paper.

I did get the living cleared of boxes. We had a meeting at our house for the students who are interested in going to Hoima, Uganda in December. While doing so, I found our rabbit ears. So, Jody is watching the basketball game and I will be able to watch Survivor

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Stacy said...

YIKES! I hate roaches! I'll never forget my first night in Mississippi when I got up in the night to get a drink of water and when I turned the kitchen light on I saw roaches scatter EVERYWHERE! UGH! They were big ones too!