Thursday, June 26, 2008


I really hope I didn't offend anyone with my post! Please forgive me if I did. I really really mean it when I say that God is a personal God and gives us different lives. YOu know?

I was NOT pinpointing anyone. I know that so many moms that don't stay home have great reasons. Thank God we are not robots that all have to do the same thing!!!

If I do ever go back to work, I have decided I want to be in the school system. Although my sister in law has a great job at an orthodontist. They are off when the kids are off, basically. But summers when your kids are home??? Can't beat that! But that will be more years in future now that #4 is coming along. I am going to post some belly pics later.


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily,
Well, I totally agree with you about the stay-at home mom thing. I actually have some pretty strong feelings about the topic (as you probably already know). I won't go into details here as I could go on forever about it. Even though I have stong convictions about it, I think it is important to be sensitive to those moms who work. No need offending people. I think your blog post was nicely and well written. Good job.
Anyway, I wish you could have been at the spa with us too!! We would have LOVED To have you!!!!

Mylinda said...

Hey Emily,
Your baby widget thingie is so cute! What a great idea! It'll be fun to "watch" the baby grow!!

I think moms need to support each other, whether they work or not. I agree that God calls us each to different lives and family needs, so we should never judge another person's situation. Sometimes we're called to a certain situation for only a "season" and then it changes. Plus, we never know what's in someone's heart, as far as desires. I think most of us would prefer to be home with our kids, but that's not always possible. It's just important for us mommys to support and encourage each other, no matter the situation. Lord knows we get "attacked" enough in the world for our choices. :-)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

Stay at home mom... workign mom... they are both hard and I think both are jealous of each other. I know most moms would like to stay at home, but then there are many stay at home moms that would love to get out a have a part time job.

Like today for me... my kid has been just so hard on me... today is a day where I wish I had a job :) But I know I would feel guilty being away from her letting someone else take care of her

Stacy said...

You totally offended me! :-)

Anonymous said...

I come from both sides of the spectrum. I stayed at home with my boys until they were 2 and 3. We ended up having to move and I lucked up on a dream teaching job, and found out I was pregnant with number 3! I regrt not getting to stay at home, but my mom helps me out and I know that summers and holidays are mine and the kids. Maybe one day I will get to return to a stay at home mom! Love your blogs!

Erin said...

You didn't offend in the least! I always like to hear things from different perspectives. When we first married, we talked about me staying at home when we had kids, but the finances just aren't there to do that. Plus, because we adopted and she was in school, it was easy to continue teaching because I could see her during the day in class! :) If we had a baby, that would be really hard. I think it is great that you can stay at home with your kids - I love being at home in the summer!

Jerre said...

I loved staying home!! I was home for 8 years and loved every minute. Of course my house was always a mess, my laundry was always behind, but my kids were great...well most days...well some days...I've been back at work for 3years, my house is still a mess, my laudry is still in piles, but my kids are still great. My kids are all in school now; but I would still love to stay home...I might get my house clean and my laundry caught up on. But it is what it is, and I do love my new job!!

Shaleen said...

Not offended at all - I completely understand what you are saying. There are a lot of things to consider about child care centers - One being what standard of accrediting it has reached. Many states have their own standards and there are national standards that are all far above basic licensing standards. That would make a difference in the kind of teachers, toys, ratios, etc. are in center. In addition to everything else we do, Alex and I co-own a child care center with his parents. It is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Miami and it is good that we are able to offer those kids a safe environment to be in.

I am hoping that I will be able to stay home when we have a baby - I really feel strongly about it, but we'll see what God has planned, you know.