Monday, June 23, 2008

The Wedding

Jody and I left after church yesterday and headed down to Charleston.

The weather was bad, but it was fun to be in the car and have my husbands undivided attention. We made it on time too!

Our friend Seth Dean (he's one of those people you have to say both names, you know what I mean?) married a girl we had never met. Lauren. She was beautiful and really loves Jesus. I am so happy for them.

It was SO fun reconnecting and hanging out with some other friends from college. Jody just thrives on that kind of thing. Its like he never missed a day.

And being pregnant, I totally enjoyed the food. Not being pregnant I would have enjoyed it. I mean, please, I didn't have to fix any of it! But it really was good. Shrimp, fruit with dark chocolate to dip it in, artichoke was GREAT.

Jody was thrilled to be the last ones to leave. Isn't that funny? But he's always been like that. I think inside he's afraid of missing a conversation that he wants to walk out and have the doors being locked behind him, which is what happened.

He promised I could sleep on the way home and I did. I am so not a late nighter. It was rough waking up this morning, but the show must go on. (Jody is already in bed as I type. He also had a LONG day at work. He was actually doing construction type work to get some classrooms ready for the fall semester. He worked right along side the president, Dr. Epting)