Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Clean House and Good Weekend

I know all you moms out there can identify with the futile task of trying to keep house. Unless you are super mom or you let your kids watch too much tv. Although if I let my kids watch tons of TV, I'd probably just use that time to piddle around on the computer, unfortunately.

Well, I have been struggling big time. I mean, I do the regular keep the laundry washed, folded and put away. I have very clean toilets. The dishes are done and the kitchen is swept. But that's about all I can accomplish on a regular basis.

So Jody said Friday he wanted to help knock it out. He's VERY good at picking up and getting the endless "piles" out of sight. Who knows, he may just stuff it places, I really don't know. All I DO know is he makes it disappear. We vacuumed, mopped, got the counters house looks awesome. Thanks to Jody.

Then we had an old friend, Dairek Morgan, and his girlfriend, Emily, come by for the afternoon. It was SO great to have them visit for the afternoon! I got Jody's mom's recipe for homemade icecream and I made strawberry. We toured the campus. And then we all met my parents for pizza at a great new little local restaurant close to where we live. Del Valentino, I think its called. Unbelievable pizza and salad! Mmmmmmmm.

Then today we let Silas was more cartoons than usual and we went to the mall. This is so funny, but it was our first time to the Haywood mall since we moved here. The kids were like, what is the mall? After that we all went swimming in the campus pool.

We had a great day! Have a great Sunday. We have a baby-sitter coming after church because Jody and I are driving down to Charleston and back for a wedding of our college friend Seth Dean.

See you on Monday!

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Tasha Via said...

Aww, Dairek, how is he doing? I'm glad you've got your house spick and span now=) I love that feeling, too bad it doesn't last very long, ha!!