Monday, June 2, 2008

The Package

You are NOT going to believe this! But it is 100% true, first hand.

My friend Stacy (in Bismarck) got an idea (albeit hairbrained) to send us a package full of STUFF. She mailed it and told me it was coming. About 8 days later I told her I hadn't received it and later that day her mailman brought it back to her. It had a message saying "NO MAIL RECEPTICAL". (sp??) She told him that I did have a mail receptical because she had just send a letter and a small padded envelope that I had already received. So he took the package back and re-mailed it.

I called my post office and explained. The woman I talked to had no idea what I was talking about. But later I got a call from my "substitute" carrier. She profusely apologized and told me she hadn't run our route in a while and didn't realize there was in fact a mail receptical there now. But the package was on its way back and I would get it.

Fast forward about 8 more days and I told Stacy that it was looking bleak. No package. Silas was becoming very discouraged...along with everyone else. Lo and behold, back on the other side of the country, Stacy got the package back AGAIN! This time her mailman was not as understanding and said he would not take it back, they couldn't argue with my post office if they are saying there is no mail receptical.

Again, I called the Travelers Rest post office. The lady said she couldn't help me, she didn't know how it got sent back or why. My regular mail carrier didn't know anything about it.

I think what happened is someone who was sorting the mail saw NO MAIL RECEPTIAL and just said, "huh, send that back."

The worst part of it is that Stacy sent it parcel post which does not have a return service. So she paid about $9 to send it the first time, $9 to get it back (the second time, b/c the first time they gave her grace b/c of my post office's mistake). THEN she (or actually her husband Scott) paid for it yet one more time to mail it in a different box for $9.

We did FINALLY get the box. My kids LOVED it. All kinds of random McDonald's toys, things we left at their house, Jr Kindergarten things....and big old pack of BLACK LICORICE for ME! I LOVE THAT STUFF.

I am trying to come up with a plan for payback...I mean reciprocation.


Tasha Via said...

That is too crazy!!

Stacy said...

I said it wasn't necessary to "pay me back" because I have already "paid for" mailing it in the first place! 3 times in fact! I'm glad you liked the licorice! :-)

Peggy said...

That is so weird and random! I would have been tearing my hair out! Glad you finally got it!