Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am an IDIOT!

Seriously....I am so bummed I don't even feel like writing this post. But I will anyway.

The boys and I went to the Y this morning. Then Jody and I went to the dentist and to Vision Works. Jody picked out his glasses and got back home in time for him to get back to work.

I had haircut appointments for both boys. Luke's first haircut and Silas's back to school cut. The appointments were at 4. So, leaving in plenty of time (3:10), I opened the passenger door, put my phone and stuff in the seat, start the car, call the boys to get in, shut the passenger door, go to open the back door and all the doors had automatically locked!

We walked up the road, knocking on every door and got NO ONE home. Not a car passed us. The college's plumber came up the road in his golf cart. I flagged him down and borrowed his phone. I left a message with Jody and walked back home thinking he'd come with the spare key soon.

He never got the message.

We waited 30 minutes or so. And we start back up the road. Then Luke pooped. Thankfully the house was not locked so we went in and changed his diaper. When we came out, there were a couple of students moving in to the house next door. So we borrowed their phone.

Left more messages. I was to the point of tears. We are missing our haircuts and wasting gas.

The golf coach hears my dilemma and he volunteers to find Jody. A while later he brings Jody's keys to me.

I'm so depressed!

I called and apologized to the hair place. I brought Jody his keys back and I've been wallowing eversince.

Hope your afternoon was better than mine! I have no idea when I 'm going to reschedule the haircuts either. I thought not having Hattie would be easier, and now I don't know...

Hattie will be home later and she a great time, until the end when her carseat somehow became lodged in Holly's car and she is riding home in Elijah's ugly brown seat. She is NOT happy. I'm worried about having to make her use that seat for an indefinite amount of time. Holly covered it in a purple blanket for the ride home.

I'm not even re-reading this, so if there are any huge mistakes, sorry.


ktbaggott said...

Poor Emily, That has happened to me before...minus the kids. You will be able to laugh about it in a few days. Let me know if I can help with the kids this week while trying to reschedule hair cuts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this happened to you Emily. Just try to keep your head up and know that everything happens for a reason. Who knows? Maybe God wanted the golf coach to meet Jody for some weird reason or God was keeping you and the kids from being harmed driving somewhere today. Haircuts can be rescheduled and life is frustrating, but in the end God always provides. Take care and make Jody do something nice for you tonight like take all of the kids out without you so you can rest. :)

Mylinda said...

Hey, don't feel too bad. I did the exact same thing when I was pregnant with #2. I was just happy I managed to get my #1 out of the car before I locked her in, too!! Just blame it on "baby brain". I think you can use that one til they're at least out of diapers!! lol

Anne said...

Emily -
My dad had the BEST trick for locking the keys in the car: find a metal place on the car you will remember (i.e. undercarriage or somewhere) and put a spare key inside a magnetic box (sold at automotive stores, I would think) and magnet it on. Voila - always an extra key! The other trick was to unscrew the license plate, enlarge the hole of the door key to fit the screw, and screw a spare door key underneath the screw of the license plate. This worked better back in the day when there were separate door and ignition keys.
Both of these tricks have saved my butt on numerous occasions - I even once locked Abby in the car while it was running - gotta love ND winters.
Anne Dahmen

Stacy said...

Oh man! Just thank the Lord that Luke wasn't strapped in his seat when all of this happened! Just look at it this way, things can only be better tomorrow, right? :-)