Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A New Routine

Silas had another great day. Firedrill, PE, buying his lunch, getting in time out...(that was for playing too rough apparently).

Now we are having to establish and fall into a new routine.

Silas has to be at school (preferably) by 7:45. So we are having to do some prep work the night before. We are picking out clothes, packing the backpack, and deciding what he wants to do for lunch (buy or pack) and do the appropriate preparation. This way when we wake up, everything is ready. We eat breakfast and get out the door. Thankfully we live very close, so 7:40 is cutting it fine. And only one of us (Jody or me) have to get in the car and take him.

Note: Do NOT take this to mean that I am organized. I AM NOT! This morning we got to school on time, but WITHOUT the backpack this. Jody didn't have a problem swinging it by when he went into the office at about 8:30. I think we need a check list.

Once Silas and Jody are out the we go. The thing is, I am bound, timewise, to the school schedule, we have to pick Silas up at 2:30. Before kindergarten, nap time may be getting over at 2:30, but usually closer to 3. Now we have to be done by 2:15. That means we need to implement an earlier nap time.

This is hard. But its doable. We just need to have lunch a little earlier and lay Luke down by 12:30. Then, Hattie...oh that girl. She is trying to drop the nap altogether I think. But it sure makes for hard afternoons.

I did get several things accomplished. I vacuumed downstairs and decluttered the desk upstairs. I love when I get something measurable done. We also met my parents at the Y and my wonderful dad took my suburban for a wash/vacuum/oil change. WOW! It looks GREAT.

This is a boring post, but it was a long day!

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Stacy said...

You will do fine with the new schedule once you get it all figured out. You will probably see that it will work out better for you to have lunch a little earlier and have a little earlier nap time...........especially since you're always doing all you can to keep Lukey awake for lunch! :-)