Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I remember my dad saying (he still says this) that my mom has more description words for symptoms and feelings than anyone in the whole world. You know what I mean? I have a tummy ache...dr mom says what kind? Like you are going to throw up? Or maybe need to pass gas? Etc..

I also remember her talking about her sinuses. I was totally out of touch with my sinuses. I never had a sinus infection. I really didn't catch too many colds...until I got pregnant!

I had my first sinus infection when I was pregnant with Silas about 6 years ago. It was AWFUL! And I have never been the same since! I've had one with each pregnancy along with other sinus problems.

I recognize sinus problems coming on IMMEDIATELY! A headache that hurts worse when I move my head especially down. (Like today when Silas lost a marble magnet thing under the stove and when I leaned down to look it was excruciating!). Even as I can breath semi-clearly I feel stuffed up down deep. Or up deep!

So, here are my natural solutions. SALT WATER. You make a mild salt water solution with warm water and fill a bulb syringe. You lean your head back and fill each nostril with the solution. It is proven to break up the mucus and shorten your symptoms.

Jody thinks I am absolutely crazy. He thinks its ludicrous. But not only has my mom sworn by this and I've done it my whole life...I saw it on Racheal Ray and Oprah in the last few years.

A warm compress on my sinuses always feels good. And drinking TONS of water. It flushes out and loosens up everything. Although the constant runs to the bathroom don't need aid these days!

How about you guys? Any suggestions? I want to avoid going to the dr and taking meds if possible...anyways since all I can take while pregnant is sudafed and tylenol. I dont see big results with that. I'd love to hear anyother suggestions you have.


Pegsy said...

Oh, it make my nose run just reading about filling nostrils with salt water!! Joshua's uncle, who has horrible sinus problems (and even had surgery), also swears by the salt water thing. He was trying to get me to do it at Christmastime when I had a bad sinus infection. I couldn't do it...

Also, do you go to a chiropractor? My chiropractor literally hits me in the forehead when I have sinus problems, in a certain spot and it causes my sinuses to drain! Have a Kleenex handy!

Anyway, I know exactly how you feel and I'll be praying that you heal quickly.

Shaleen said...

Alex just had a bad sinus-thing, and he called his mom to come over and help him. I was offended for about 5 minutes until I saw what she did and realized that I had nothing in my bag of tricks like that. Like you - she had a warm salt water solution. Except she has a rubber bottle that she fills with purified water and salt - the bottle is attached to a tube that he stuck up his nose and then flipped his head over and she raised the bag upside down. Essentially, all the water from the bag filtered through the tube, his nose and his sinuses. He said it helped...it looked pretty gross, though!

Kathy said...

Emily, there is a product called Sinu-clense that is a neti pot and you fill it with lukewarm water and the salt packet that comes with it. You can mix your own salt. Then, you tilt your head and pour the solution in one nostril and it comes out the other one. Weird, I know, but it helps keep the sinuses moist and clean. I think there is a video of it on their website. Go here to view it...it's not the Sinu-Clense one but just like it. http://www.himalayaninstitute.org/NetiPot/NetiPotInstructions.aspx
I have a friend who uses it regularly even when she doesn't have a sinus infection in order to ward it off. It has been used in India for centuries. You can buy it at Walgreens or CVS.

Kathy said...

Oops, I spelled it wrong...it's Sinu-Cleanse.

kerri said...

Hey Em! I have no advice about your sinuses, except, that I totally understand what a pain they can be, and the only relief I have found from such a thing, are the vitamins we take. Supposedly all natural stuff, but who knows! Anyway, I love the updated living room, and the Moss green. We painted Anna's room a bright blue, and it turned out much brighter than I expected. She is happy so I guess that's all that matters?

I will send pics someday if I take them! ha! :) Can't wait to read some kindergarten stories about Silas in a couple.