Thursday, August 21, 2008


Jody and I have really enjoyed the Olympics. Its something we both like to watch and talk about. I love the pride the athletes have (in general) for their countries. And for some reason the Olympics makes (just about) every sport interesting.

Here are a few exceptions:
  • Diving: Jody hates it. He just thinks its "lame-o". He says where he comes from you get more points for the BIGGEST splash.
  • Equestrian: I don't know, its looks a little fake-ish to me.
  • Boxing: while I appreciate that they are at least wearing helmets, hitting for the sake of hitting just never makes sense to me.
Good Examples:
  • Table Tennis: I caught just a little of this the other day and it was fascinating!!! Those ladies were sweating profusely! They were dog-gone serious about bouncing that little ball so many times before serving...I was enthralled!
  • Kyaking: although it looked a little fake-ish to me too, the kids really liked it!
  • Marathon: I am not a runner, but I could not stop watching this 26 mile run. It was so interesting. They pushed eachother, and I couldn't believe that! They struggled to grab their water as the ran by...and the gal who won was so determined.
What have you enjoyed and why? Or are you like my parents...I don't think they have watched one event!?


Stacy said...

So far beach volleyball is my fave, but with only one channel, I don't get much of a selection. I have been up til at least 1 am every night watching it however. I watched some of the Equestrian stuff today and didn't even realize that was part of the Olympics! I liked your comment about where Jody came from they got points for the biggest splash! :-) Is that a future line in You know you're a redneck if..............! :-)

kerri said...

Okay, add another that we could do without...motorbiking!??!?!

I am regretting that I didn't watch it more the first week. I cried when I watched the RECAP of Shawn Johnson waving and smiling so big after winning her gold. What a cutie.

ps. go silas!

Amandaleann said...

I am with you. I love the Olympics and almost become a couch potato when it is on. I can watch just about any sport. I have really enjoyed the gymnastics, diving, Michael Phelps, and beach volleyball. I was especially proud of Shawn Johnson. She is from my home town, West Des Moines, IA!!! YAY I never realized what a full body sport water polo is. They are treading water the whole time, swimming back and forth, and getting man handled in the water by the other time. Talk about being in good shape!

Anne said...

I am proud to say we watched every one of Michael Phelps's gold medal swims - pretty amazing feat! Gymnastics kept me up past midnight here in ND for a week straight - and I'm paying for it this week - I'm exhausted!
Anne Dahmen

Michelle said...

We've been enjoying all of it :)

I just wanted to follow up with you and make sure you received the discovery toys fire brigade jacket you won in the bloggy giveaway carnival?

Mylinda said...

Last time the summer Olympics was on, I was up into the night, in a quiet house, nursing a newborn. I remember thinking, "Next time I see Olympic swimming, this baby will be 4 years old. Wow." Wow is right! The time has flown by and he's watching it with me!!

I like some of the more obscure sports like baseball, synchronized swimming, and the BMX biking. Too bad they're not as popular so I don't get to see as much of those, having only one channel. Oh well. Maybe someday I'll have cable and then I'll watch all the sports...or will I?? lol