Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ears Pierced

Alright, I KNOW that some of you think this is horrible. That's fine. I LOVE IT! I love a baby girl with pierced ears!

When we were expecting Silas, we were expecting a girl. My only disappointment was that I wouldn't get to pierce "her" ears. When Hattie Ruth was born, I wasted NO time...Jody and I took her when she was 8 days old to get her ears pierced. We were in Nairobi at the time and I found an Indian woman who owned a salon who pierced them.

Now here is Millie Grace and I could find NO ONE to pierce her little ears. The dr's office would do it at 6 months (although he told me it was fine to have them pierced at any time). JC Penny's salon and several others we called said they'd do it at 3 months. I got a little closer at Piercing Pagoda...2 months. I said she's almost 7 weeks....please??? NO.

Then as we were leaving this mall today (we were on our way home from visiting Jody's family in GA) I saw a jewelry shop with a sign that said they pierced ears. I poked my head in and saw an Indian woman. What luck! She said of course she would pierce the baby's ears!! YEAH!

Millie was totally a champ, of course! She cried just as the earring went in. But when I comforted her she stopped and hasn't cried since. And I just love the way her little earring look.


Pegsy said...

Aww, that's so cute! I love it!

Stacy said...

Emma asked me a couple of weeks ago if she could get her ears pierced and after I told her how "painful" it was, she decided to wait. She asked how come Hattie had hers pierced and I told her it was because she had them pierced when she was a tiny baby and can't remember how awful it was! LOL! Millie looks adorable!

Dave Lehman said...

Wow! 7 weeks old! Hope YOU enjoyed having her get them pierced. It is always nice when they have a choice in it!
Dave Lehman

Anonymous said...

I wish I had done bethany's when she was a baby.

Tasha Via said...

I LOVE the way it looks too! It is SO cute=)

Sarah M. said...

I got mine done when I was 19. If they hadn't done them both at the same time I'd have walked out with one... I have NO idea how I birthed (2 c section 3 VBAC) 5 kids! I am such a wus!!

Anonymous said...

so tacky!

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to inflict unnecessary pain on your child.

Emily Jennings said...

Wow! Good thing I am confident in my decisions for my baby, otherwise I'd be hurt and crying instead of laughing!

Colleen Corbett said...

I love them. I had my daughters done at 8 weeks at the doctors office. If your so tacky then why are these people visiting your blog? Maybe you should have waited until she was 5 so she could be frightened, and jerk around, and wind up with uneven holes. You only have 4 kids, what do you know anyway. wink..wink

Kathy - mom of many said...

Emily, I love the way you allow the negative comments to be published as well as the positive ones. Some bloggers (mostly the egotistical ones) only let the positive ones through. And, you have a right to be confident in your parenting're a good mom. It only matters what you and Jody think. By the way, Millie's a cutie pie!

ellieandavasmommy said...

I love it! Jeff won't let me and now, Ellie is terrified to get earrings, so we use STICKER EARRINGS EVERY DAY!!!!! Which is fine, but with 2 girls, I wanted to pierce them so early, so I'll just enjoy looking at Millie's!! :-)

Holly Furtick said...

Colleen's right. What do you know, you only have four kids. I think people who comment mean things anonymously are cowards. If you are going to say something mean, you should at least have the courage to leave your name :).

Anonymous said...

I love the earings! I showed Chole and she said that she is not getting them done till she is 10 I also wish that I had done it eariler but Kyle would not have let me-oh well we will get it done when she is 10!


Anonymous said...

I am a mom of 6 and my daughters all had their ears pierced as babies. If thats your decision and opinion to have them done it should be respected. The rude comments are unnessecary. I wonder how many of the negative commenters had their son's circumcized. That hurts too. Ear piercing is just as much as a cultural choice as circumcision has become. Its not only a religious choice as it use to be.

Emily Jennings said...

LOL! Great point about the circumcision!

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