Monday, February 16, 2009

Bad Ending

Whew. Where to start??

We had wonderful Valentine's day. Jody was SUPER sweet. Bagels from Einsteins, a cool necklace and earrings, clean shower, my favorite chocolate, playing with the kids outside, a fun was so fun.

Sunday I took the kids to our church and Jody spoke at a different church. He got back to us just as we finished up lunch.

Today (Monday) Silas didn't have school. We played around at home in the morning and ate an early lunch. Then we headed over to Monkey Joes for a fun afternoon or jumping around.

Then we headed over to Hattie's ballet class. During class, my friend Megan and I went over to CVS. (As a side note, I spent $30 and got $95 worth of stuff...LOVE IT). Megan actually stayed in the car with my other 3 and her other 1. The DVD player was on and everyone was happy, that I know of. When I got back in the sound had gone off on the movie so I turned the car off with the intention of restarting it. NOPE. It wouldn't start.

An employee jumped the car and we made it back to the ballet class, late. Then in that parking lot my car just stopped. I called Jody and he came to rescue us. He jumped the car, it started and then stopped again. We did it one more time and it died again. So, we called a tow truck and towed it to a mechanic.

Although the tow truck took over an hour. I got supper at Wendy's. We were all cranky, well, not Jody.

I'm tired. I hate days that end like this. I had a great supper to make too. Oh well. I'll make it tomorrow. If there are typos in this, I'm sorry. Not that that's any different than usual, but I don't feel like rereading this.


Erika said...

Poor Emily. That stinks.

Stacy said...

Oh man! That would have had me in a panic, a dead car and a stranded child at ballet! I hope there aren't any major issues with the car and that it's a cheap fix. I hate spending money on car repairs.

Tasha Via said...

Sounds like an alternator problem maybe?

Hope today is better=)

Pegsy said...

I can relate - just last year we had to have our car towed and it kind of wrecked the day. Although, I would have been O.K. with eating out - I hate cooking supper! Hope the car is running smoothly soon.

greta said...

Oh how frustrating those days/weeks are!!!! Hope you have a better day!

sharpwmu said...

But we still had fun!!