Monday, February 23, 2009

Blown Away

Yesterday was an amazing Sunday for Jody and I. We had a guest speaker in the main worship service named Tom Harmon. His life is just an AMAZING testament of faithfulness. He knows so much scripture by memory and he prays like I've never heard of! That's actually what he talked about...prayer. It was so inspiring. Like if my prayer life amounts to a fraction of his EVER it would be amazing. Then we went to my parents' sunday school class because a friend of my parents' was speaking in there. His name is Rollin Delap. (Here is a little article on him) He knows more verses from the Bible than you can believe is possible. Just in the last 20 years he's cut back to ONE VERSE a week, without missing a week! Unbelievable! He came up with a method to memorizing. Jody and I had heard him explain it before, but this time it was different. We want to succeed in this so bad! We want our children to know they are prayed for and loved. We want them to see us reading the Bible and memorizing scripture. We want to use the scripture to pray for them.

My parents' teacher said it was like Thanksgiving, after the service you were full and then you have to eat again. But its all fabulous. So memorable.

Its been a while for me to come away from church feeling I have a LONG LONG LONG way to go. I don't mean to sound super spiritual, like other weeks it doesn't apply to me. Thats not the case at all. But it was just amazing. Like a one-two punch that knocks you out. To see these two men (and their wives were both there. They each have 4 kids.) who are so close to Jesus, their faith is so real, it was great. It gave me goals to reach toward. Tom Harmon was introduced as a great man of God. He got up there and said, "I'm not a great man of God, I am a man of a Great God."



Stacy said...

Sounds amazing!

mylifewith5kids said...

Tom Harmon is by far my spiritual hero! We have known him and Joyce for years. They are as real as it gets. He is speaking here at the camp for three weeks this year. You and Jody should try to come to one of his weeks, but I will warn you...his weeks ALWAYS fill up first!!! Of course your dad's fills up second.

Shaunna said...

Cool article--inspires me to memorize more too!!

Kathy - mom of many said...

I love Tom Harmon. We've heard him several times and have some of his messages on disk.
My girls are starting a scripture memory challengs March 1st. Check it out at