Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To Do List

If I were to write myself a note of things to do to for tomorrow, here are some things I'd put on it:

1. Check with the weatherman before you leave a carseat sitting in the yard all night. It might rain and get the carseat soaking wet. Then you'll have to dry it in front of the blazing fire your sweet husband makes in the morning.

2. Don't leave the baby on the couch anymore. She might roll off. (she's FINE, she didn't even cry!)

3. Now that you have your car back from the shop (the problem was the alternator) fill it up with gas so you don't run out tomorrow.

4. Get flour so you can make banana bread with the massive amount of bananas you bought at the store last week with the intention of making banana bread.

5. Get a cashiers check for $104 to pay your speeding ticket.

6. Make the invitations for Hattie's birthday party next week. (Tea Party!)

7. Tell Silas that his new bottle cap collection doesn't need anymore beer caps.

8. Set the kitchen timer every hour to remind Luke to use the potty!


Stacy said...

I like that "to-do list". It's much cheaper to speed in North Dakota!!!

Anne said...

I was just gonna say that - # 6 move to ND where the speeding tickets average 20 bucks (and patrolmen complain that they get laughed at :) )

Anne said...

Oops - #5!

Anne said...

Oops - #5!

Joshua said...

That was a great list! lol

#1 - I've done the same thing!

#2 - This happened to Sky and he didn't cry either! I think I found him on the floor and accused Sara of putting him there! And Sara fell off our bed a number of times when she was a baby!

Hope the day is going well!

P.S. You gotta come read my latest post - it will make you laugh! :-)

Pegsy said...

Oops! That post from "Joshua" was actually me! I was logged in under his name and didn't realize!

Tasha Via said...

Ha! I love those. I'm gonna go add about half of those to my list right now=)

It's a Mom Thing said...

Hi Emily, I met your husband today at NGU. My husband was bringing the commuter lunch today so my kids and I went up to join him. Small world...Becky Hughes is one of our best buds from seminary and you know her, too!
I was reading back a little. Did you find a new doctor yet?

Stephen and Tara said...

Ha! So funny!

Shaunna said...


Shaleen said...

#1 sounds like an interesting story. By the way, I'm sure you have one, but I recently made a new banana bread recipe and it ROCKS - it's the best I've ever tasted. Just in case you're feeling adventurous. (ps it's also super easy)

GE is me said...

#2- can't tell you the number of times my babies rolled off the couch/chair or other furniture. Thankfully they are none the worse for wear - at almost 4 years old. :)
p.s.-ND might be cheap for speeding tix, but in RI we have the 3 year good driving record. If you have nothing on your record for 3 years you get off for free! (maybe court costs)